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True 4K CCTV Technology

i-PRO's True 4K CCTV technology goes above and beyond what is considered as standard 4K resolution. It offers higher, more reliable image quality and is designed to transform your business operations. Our True 4K technology boasts many innovative and attractive features from both a technical and practical angle. For example, a wider area of coverage and long distance capabilities mean that less cameras would be needed to replace another system.

What makes i-PRO True 4K technology different?

There are a variety of factors that attribute to the quality of our True 4K technology:

True 4K CCTV Picture Quality and Resolution:

i-PRO's True 4K fixed dome camera demonstrates not only high image quality as a whole, but also the retention of that high quality when zooming and focusing on different areas of the image.

i-PRO True 4K cameras maintain clarity in any part of their view, where others have dramatic drop in its surroundings - a contradiction for a 4K camera where an advantage of a high-res camera is “wide-angle” viewing.

With our True 4K technology, there is also no need to worry about the size of recordings and their effect on bandwith; the recordings produced from this technology are 1/7th of the usual size of a 4K recording, making the operation of a 4K security system more efficient.

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High grade 4K camera Low light performance

Our True 4K technology also allows excellent performance in low light conditions. It maintains clarity and legibility in all areas of an image despite poor lighting.

The combination of a Built in 12 MP high sensitivity sensor and a i-PRO True 4K F1.6 lens achieves an overwhelming low light sensitivity performance for a 4K camera at 0.3lx. A Built-in IR-LED provides 30m IR luminance capability to attribute to this performance.

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4K optical lens covering 16-100 degrees

Our True 4K CCTV series is also designed to reduce your installation and operating costs through the extremely wide angle view of a single camera. This image displays a shopping mall parking lot (47,567m2) -covered by 21 i-PRO True 4K cameras, an area which would take 70 HD cameras to cover. By using our 4K camera series for your security system, you could see a 57% drop* in your security operations costs.

Alongside the benefits that this feature of our 4K security system could bring to your overall costs, it also reduces the difficulty and time associated with installation, cuts down time spent on maintenance and less man power would be needed to operate the system due to a smaller size.

*Over a 7 year period

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i-PRO's True 4K technology is designed to improve your security operations whilst reducing the costs and effort associated with a typical 4K security system. This technology has major benefits for a variety of industries, to find out more about them, please click here.

Products compatible with True 4K technology:

WV-SFV781L - 4K Dome Camera

WV-SPV781L - 4K Box Camera

WV-SFN480 - 360 Degree 4K Indoor Dome Camera

WV-SFV481 - 360 degree 4K outdoor dome camera