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Solutions & Application


We understand that every industry has its unique challenges and that finding the right solution for your needs is an important decision. i-PRO provides an end-to-end security solution.

Industry Solution


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Case Studies

  • Stadium
  • Entertainment

Brøndby IF utilise FacePRO to improve fan safety and experience

Fan safety enhanced through innovative use of Panasonic’s facial recognition and security camera solutions at Brøndby football club’s family friendly stadium.

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  • Denmark
  • Logistics
  • Transportation

New sustainable logistics headquarters Rhenus in Tilburg optimally secured

Rhenus Logistics is a logistics company that is active worldwide in the transport, storage and transfer of goods.

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  • Netherlands
  • Logistics
  • Transportation

Hermes delivers door to door success

Installing a roll out of Panasonic security technology across the majority of Hermes UK warehouses to improve parcel processing and maintain customer reputations

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  • United Kingdom
  • City Surveillance

Improving security for inhabitants and visitors of Nitra, Slovakia

Challenge: improve security for inhabitants and visitors of Nitra Solution while combining rotating and static IP cameras with HD and full HD video resolution

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  • Slovakia

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