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Award recognizes i-PRO’s leading edge-AI position in the market

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 21st, 2022 – i-PRO EMEA, an industry leader in advanced intelligent surveillance technologies, is proud to announce it has received the EMEA GIT Security Award 2023 in the 'Video Security & Video Management category', for the newest edition of its multi-sensor camera. The GIT Security EMEA Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the security industry.

Entries for the category were assessed on product innovation and the significant impact of the product on the current market, alongside customer value and benefits. Earlier this year, a panel of judges consisting of associations, system integrators, installers, and end users chose the finalists for each award category. The online community then voted for their favorite products.

i-PRO provides powerful, cyber secure and NDAA-compliant open edge-AI devices. Its multi-sensor camera range with deep learning intelligence at the edge comes pre-installed with four powerful AI analytic applications but is also open for customization with other 3rd party analytics to meet customers’ needs. Available with three or four imaging sensors in 4K, 6MP and 4MP resolution, the cameras ensure exceptionally detailed image capture for 180° to 360° vision - adaptable to the installation environment.

All these features come in the thinnest and most discreet design currently available on the market, making the new range ideal for indoor use, and require just one VMS license for the full solution, offering incredible value for money.

“It is less than one year since i-PRO EMEA set out on its AI-fication strategy for the security industry; and the multi-sensors cameras, one of our latest launches, embodies this new strategy, therefore it’s an encouraging milestone to see this product innovation being recognized by the market with a GIT Security Award,” commented Gerard Figols, President of i-PRO EMEA. “In a short time, we have built on our strong heritage of Panasonic manufacturing quality and brought an added customer-focused agility to the market, positioning i-PRO as the trusted next generation partner for the security industry.”

“We have introduced over 100 new products, implemented a Quick Delivery Service for all key models and committed to product availability to ensure our partners can realize their project requirements, despite global component shortage. This underlines i-PRO’s commitment to be a flexible and agile manufacturer for its customers, positioning it as the trusted next generation partner for the security industry,” concluded Figols.


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