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Intelligent Analytics

AI Occupancy Detection (WV-XAE207W) i-PRO

AI applications

Install the software on the camera to enable the occupancy detection function to send notifications to external systems (network disk recorder or Video Insight VMS) when set conditions are met.

It counts the number of people in a specified area and issues an alarm when the number exceeds a specified threshold. Information of the number of people in the area can be output externally via HTTP or MQTT.


Size of people image Min. size: width 64 pixel (in case of S series 2MP model)
Detectable angle of view Vertical : 0° to 45°
Max. number to detect at the same time Max. 40 people
Detection Area Max. 4 areas (polygonal)
Number of people to detect 1 to 40 people/area
Detection time 1 to 600 sec/area
Recommended location to install Indoor
Min. illuminance 50 lux

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