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i-PRO Extreme Platform Extreme Performance under Extreme Conditions

Extreme fusion of i-PRO's unique video systems and analytical CCTV technologies to identify incidents much quicker, easier and with higher accuracy.

End-to-end solutions with embedded i-PRO technology enables flexible and scalable customised product solutions for high-demanding customers with one main focus: Simplifying your workflow.

Extreme Visibility

Real-time “Automatic Image Optimization“ (AIO) capturing clear evidence 24 hrs. Around the clock, 365 days an year.

Our i-PRO Extreme platform provides an incredibly high degree of visibility to capture clear evidence under extreme conditions. Due to iA (intelligent auto technology) the cameras automatically adapt to the application scene and optimize the parameters for the best tuned image in various scenes, using techniques like Full Auto Shutter and Iris control, Backlit compensation (144dB range) as well as auto image stabilization.

iA (intelligent auto technology)

iA automatically optimizes camera parameters for the best tuned image ideal various scenes. By using techniques like Full Auto Shutter & Iris control, Backlit compensation (144dB range) and auto image stabilization. iA can also detect characteristics and movement within the scene to optimize camera settings to provide the best fit picture quality.

iA provides quick and flexible automatic adaptation to your application scene to give you the clear view you need.

Our platform can also detect characteristics and movement within the scene optimising camera settings in order to provide best fit picture quality. Due to Face Detection and Face SD cameras can automatically detect faces in the scene and choose the best three images of the same person, crop them and send them out to the back-end system. The enhanced 144db dynamic range with new algorithm optimises brightness and clarity on a person's face.

  • Image Stabilization: Helps to prevent ‘camera shake’ causing blurred images
  • Intelligent Sensitivity: Camera sets the appropriate gain and shutter speed, according to the brightness and movement of a subject
  • Face Detection: Camera detects up to 8 faces and adjusts exposure accordingly. Even if a person moves, the camera tracks the face and readjusts settings
  • Intelligent Scene Detection: Automatically detects characteristics and movement within the scene to optimise camera settings to provide best fit picture quality (e.g. for moving people, cars, backlit situations, headlights). In addition this automatically detect scenes and optimises parameter settings to enable clear shots of the face and vehicle license plate numbers
  • Enhanced Face Super Dynamic: Through combining high performance face detection technology inside our camera with the new 144dB enhanced SUPER DYNAMIC, we are able to keep the face details for better recognition by optimising the lighting conditions

Experience the benefits and keep your facial evidence clear at door entrances and on vehicle applications where backlit conditions are severe.

Color Night View (Firefly): Our new night view enhancer (firefly) technology changes your 1/3 inch sensor camera into an outstanding low light performance camera to provide you with TRUE color information under very low lighting conditions. Our technology enables us to deliver the same image in low light condition as a 1/2 inch sensor camera, resulting in a tremendous cost reduction.

We go to extremes to keep your surveillance in color.

Extreme Compression

H.265 compression smart coding*

By adopting the latest state of the art H.265 compression, added on with our Smart coding technology, your security system rises to the next level providing more cost efficiency through decreasing bandwidth of up to 75% with moving objects in the scene.

*75 % decrease in bandwidth compared to H.264

Intelligent Face compression*

Our cameras, which are capable of detecting 8 faces simultaneously, can now be linked with the camera compression techniques. This keeps the ROI (region of interest) at a higher picture quality in accordance to actual movement and activity in the scene to keep the evidence clear and sharp.

With the built in “self-learning algorithm” (SLA), our camera will know and can predict by experience where movements shall be seen and we keep being responsive to manage picture quality in real-time. We can also detect faces and keep the area of the face at the most highest picture quality to keep the most important evidence to be kept clear.

*Enhanced ROI technology added with compression

Extreme Data Security

We recognise that secure management of data in video surveillance solutions is becoming increasingly important, due to various cyber security threats that have occurred, such as hacking, data breaches and tampering. Malicious software programs, referred to as malware, are wreaking havoc on public and private networks, with more than 375 million occurrences in 2015. From data theft to private e-mail leaks and more, hackers are finding their way into a host of different communications networks.

Therefore, we provide a full H.265 encrypted video system with very high security, adopting certification keys. Through the relationship with our 3rd party partner, we combine highly reliable certificates and technology for detecting and analysing cyber-attacks with our own in-house embedded cryptography technology to provide a highly secure and robust protection layer for our embedded surveillance products.

Secure Communication is a PC-level security for cameras and other embedded devices. Providing three information protecting blocks: data encryption; communication encryption; and verification and key. All of these are to ensure the robustness of video evidence and overall safety of video streams. Secure Communication specifically protects against spoofing (false data), video tampering or altering (changing images), and snooping of protected surveillance communications (stealing passwords).

Equivalent to Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1, as required for FBI and Public Safety use, Secure Communication’s built-in design reduces maintenance costs while providing robust, yet simple operation.

Extreme Efficiency

  • Easy to Install: After installation of the cameras, recorder and software collectively, our wizard setting identifies an easy and short installation setup
  • Easy to Use: By listening to our users we have upgraded our GUI (Graphical User Interface), making it more intuitive to operate and even more efficient through new features when searching and exporting data
  • Easy to Integrate: Combining all our hard and software solutions you will have one integrated system combining our core technologies, still keeping room for adequate system expansion via various Plug-in abilities