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i-PRO Security Solutions Secure Communication

Make your security camera systems really secure



With security attacks on the network infrastructure increasing, i-PRO has developed a series of secure technologies for the protection of data in its video surveillance solutions. The Secure Communication feature, now available on all new i-PRO 5, 6 and True 4K Series cameras, protects against spoofing (false data), video tampering and altering (changing images) and snooping (stealing passwords) by protecting IP surveillance communications. i-PRO’s Secure Communication is a PC-level security for IP cameras and that features several data protection elements including data encryption, IP communication encryption and verification ensuring the integrity of video evidence and overall data integrity of i-PRO IP video streams.

Strong partnership with leading protection provider

In partnership with the leading threat protection provider i-PRO provides a series of secure platforms for its video surveillance solutions that serve a variety of purposes. i-PRO is combining the third party's highly reliable certificates and technology for detecting and analyzing cyber-attacks with its own in-house embedded cryptography technology, to provide a highly secure and robust protection layer for its embedded surveillance products, providing three information protecting blocks: data encryption, communication encryption and verification plus key, which makes your surveillance information also robust evidence in front of court.

Video leakage is prevented as the video material encrypted within the camera is transferred to the recorder using a fully protected end-to-end system offered by i-PRO. Data evidentiality is secured by using certification and hash value, which can detect video alteration and confirm which camera has created the respective video.

Secure communication enables you to achieve safety for your devices and eliminate vulnerability with the latest CVE support. You can be assured to obtain reliable communication between devices through authentication and be safe through data and communication encryption. Moreover, you can secure the evidence of surveillance images through alteration detection, verification and key protection.