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I-Pro Smart Coding, Data Compression, CCTV Compression

i-PRO Smart Coding Technology


Reduce costs with the Smartest CCTV Data compression technology

i-PRO's Smart Coding technology has been designed to dramatically reduce total cost of ownership for a video surveillance system. This technology can be found in such products as the i-PRO Bullet Camera range. An intelligent addition to the wide variety of technologies already available for i-PRO products, Smart coding technology utilises three main features in order to achieve efficient compression:

  1. GOP (Group of Picture) Control - Shown to reduce bitrate by up to 60%
  2. Frequency Divided Filter - Shown to reduce bitrate by up to 20%
  3. 3D Multi Process Noise Reduction - Shown to reduce bitrate by up to 25%

How does it work?

Smart coding technology reduces the bitrate of a video stream to achieve lower bandwidth consumption and smaller file sizes. The GOP function ensures that the I-flame of image data is not created in static areas. The VIQS feature of smart coding pairs with the GOP function to ensure that areas of movement are recorded normally, but any image of static areas is highly compressed to deliver a 70%* decrease in bandwidth.



The FDF (Frequency divided filter) function works in conjunction with the 3D-MNR to greatly reduce noise in areas of low illumination, contributing to the low bitrate of a stream. Through i-PRO's Smart Coding technology, you can also expect a reduction of data storage needs by up to 70%*. The extremely large reduction in both bandwidth and file size provided by Smart Coding promises to minimise the cost of operating a high spec security system whilst maintaining fantastic quality.

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