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Business Analytics

Intelligent insight. Video analytics with greater clarity than ever before.

See in more detail. Understand in more depth. Profit in more ways.

  • Gain greater insight into customer types and behaviour than ever before.
  • Shape your operations with the analytical capabilities of i-PRO’s surveillance camera and the IP-based facial recognition technology.
  • Enhance comfortable, secure and productive visitor experiences through people counting and heat mapping.
  • Minimise risks and prevent unwanted access throughout your premises.

i-PRO’s Facial Recognition Solution

Imagine if you could identify customers on your premises, visitors to your facility or people at your event through video? And then, from that visual information, you could assess their gender, their age, their approved access level or even their likelihood to buy your products or services?

Furthermore, imagine if that level of video detail could be matched to ‘heat mapping’, which monitors the movement of individuals, groups or large crowds of people throughout your premises, looking at where customers went, how long they stayed in certain areas and where the greatest density of visitors was at any given time of day, month or year.

The insight – and intelligence – offered by such in-depth visual data and analytics carries invaluable commercial and operational advantages. And significant rewards.

With i-PRO’s Facial Recognition Solution, those advantages and rewards are at your disposal. Combining the analytical capabilities of our surveillance cameras with an IP-based facial detection and recognition system, will change the way you see your operations – and the way you work – forever.

Face Recognition

Greater customer insight for enhanced customer service

Using the high-resolution images provided by the surveillance cameras, the detection system is able to analyse, in real time, facial characteristics of visitors to your premises and in turn identify the age and gender of those visitors. The analysis that the system generates means you have greater insight into the demographic of customer and visitor types at your venue, shop or event. So you can design your service or operations accordingly.

Take a retail environment, for example. The system can register up to ten million faces, and search through all ten million in just three seconds. This extreme speed, when combined with age and gender recognition, creates an immensely powerful marketing and analytics tool. You can attribute specific promotions and messages to certain ‘types’ of face and serve them to the right people at the right time, via digital signage.

The camera’s analytical capabilities can also be used to predict who is likely to visit defined areas of your premises or facilities, at defined times of day, to tailor your marketing messaging, product promotions and visual merchandising to ensure the greatest impact.


At it’s most sophisticated, the system can generate intelligence which allows you to match your turnover with the groups of people – differentiated by age and gender – most likely to help generate sales, and adapt your promotions and merchandising accordingly.

Identify hot spots and gain insight in to customer behaviour

Heat Mapping

Heat map analysis offers a visualization of the footfall within the camera’s field of view. This is ideal for business intelligence and operational efficiency applications, particularly for the retail market. Users can make operational decisions based on the locations of the highest and lowest traffic areas within their store through analysing hot spots and visitor behaviour, therefore having the ability of staffing accordingly for example.

Heat Mapping

People Counting

People counting is ideal for various environments, including retail, schools, banks, recreation facilities, museums, airports and other environments that require intelligent customer and operational insight. The system provides data analysis, allowing you to gain insight of the numbers of visitors per day. In addition, you can identify the busiest and key areas or exhibits, and - in combination with heatmapping - can therefore enhance the customer experience throughout the whole visitor flow.

People Counting

Streamlined movement for a smoother experience

Another major strength of the solution is its ability to identify the movement of customers and visitors throughout your premises. Using the visual insight it generates – including heat mapping and people counting – you can easily identify areas people visit most regularly, where movement is restricted, where queues form and where people spend most time.

For privacy reasons and in line with the General Data Protection Regulation in Germany, you can mask individuals, so people are counted and recognised without being made visible. Once recorded, these people remain ‘invisible’.

This knowledge allows you to optimise the layout of your premises to ensure an easy, comfortable flow of people, to understand where products, services or information are most valuable, and to decide where staff should be positioned for optimal customer service and security.

This application is of great value to public attractions such as museums or galleries. With visual intelligence of visitor flow, you can easily understand where installations or exhibits are best placed for greatest engagement and interaction.

Intelligent security - Safer operations

Business Analytics is aimed at making business operations safer and therefore more efficient to control. The system allows you to divide the area under surveillance into pre-defined zones, which link to expected and unexpected behaviours within them. The cross line or intrusion detection function identifies moving objects that cross a virtual line making it possible to automatically pre-empt incidents (e.g. a passenger being too close to the edge of a train platform). Moreover, the missing or unattended object function enables automatic detections, alerts and responses to events, as they emerge real time so that the action needed can be initiated immediately.

Taking an airport, as an example, this level of insight allows you to deal with potentially damaging security risks such as left luggage. By referring to the visual intelligence, you know whether luggage has been left as a legitimate mistake or whether something more sinister is occurring.

Through our Facial Recognition Solution, individuals can be traced throughout the whole business environment (in this example: airport). You can identify when and which people enter and leave the building, whether they are arriving or departing for an interconnecting flight; whether they’ve passed through security, passport control or baggage collection; or, when they pass through boarding gates.

By matching real-time face images to those stored on the server, the system automatically alerts you to unwanted visitors and enables the tracking of individuals involved in criminal activity. Equally, the system allows access control at public events or in public areas to be far more efficient. Multiple entry points can be monitored and managed remotely, eliminating unwanted access and ensuring queue control and crowd safety at all times.

Central Control