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Video Insight

i-PRO Management Software

Video Insight i-PRO

Video Management Solution

High-performance Enterprise
Video Management Solution for any Industry

  • Cost-efficient, easy-to-use surveillance solution
  • Optimised hardware for endless scalability, unlimited client workstations, simple integration with legacy systems, centralised administration, failover server and more
  • Optimal solution for law enforcement, commercial, education, logistics and transportation industries
  • Advanced surveillance features eliminate uncertainty and improve response times
  • No license necessary for Panasonic cameras

Today, many IP Video Management Software products have been designed with unnecessary complexity and a bloated infrastructure – and cost way too much to own! Video Insight provides an easy-to-use open video management platform that delivers full situational awareness and indisputable detail, reducing investigation time, and allowing you to provide superior overall protection.

This powerful VMS solution captures, manages, and stores video surveillance across a network – at a single or multiple locations – and supports the broadest range of IP and analog camera models. The Video Insight’s Security Management Software is the perfect solution for multi-facility configurations including K-12 schools, universities, city surveillance, law enforcement, transportation, and SMBs in need of a scalable, yet easy-to-use software.

Video Insight is the latest in surveillance technology integrating powerful enterprise VMS features, hardware optimisation and cost efficiency – all in one robust system.

Unparalleled benefits with the New Video Insight 7!

The enterprise VMS features you love

The Video Insight VMS has a wide range of robust features you’d expect to find in an enterprise-level software. Automated Failover, Virtualisation, Panasonic NVR integration, ROI (Region of Interest), Software Development Kit (SDK), Plug-ins: LPR and FacePRO™/ Face Detection and Access Control Integration are included.

Scale your system without limitations

Video Insight is an intuitive and robust video management software (VMS) like no other. Our pure 64-bit VMS supports an industry leading number of cameras per server, unlimited scalability, client workstations, users with simple integration to legacy systems, centralized administration of the system and more. Add one – or hundreds – of cameras anywhere on the network or across the entire organization regardless of geographic location.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Affordability, flexibility and a simple licensing model are what sets Video Insight apart from the rest – we provide the most cost-effective enterprise class VMS solution on the market. With Video Insight v7, end users receive a perpetual license that includes a wide range of enterprise features – all included without any hidden fees.

Surveillance Technology Never Stops Advancing

Video_\ Insight_Overview1

i-PRO Video Insight is a robust enterprise-class surveillance system built with the principles of efficiency and simplicity of operation in mind.With a strong commitment to the security industry, Video Insight brings together powerful surveillance technology, advanced features, unmatched flexibility, an easy-to-use interface and low total cost of ownership – all in one single bundled system.
Be ready for the future of surveillance.


Redesigned from the ground up to provide enhanced performance and stability, maximize scalability and offer new premium functionality for key vertical markets. VI MonitorPlus is aimed at making the entire Video Insight video management suite more intuitive, more powerful and easier to use.


Plug-in Ready

Additional features can be installed to VI MonitorPlus for a specific vertical market that would allow users to expand the functionality of the video surveillance system

PHardware acceleration support

Now CPU intensive task such as video transcoding can be allocated to a workstations GPU freeing up a great deal of resources, thus making VI7 more scalable than ever before. (NVidia Maxwell, and Intel integrated graphics currently supported)

Full H.265 support

H.265 is conservatively 50% more bandwidth efficient than H.264, saving precious network and storage resources. Keeping that efficiency in mind, VI7 currently has the most comprehensive support for H.265 enabled cameras on the market

Integrated Access Control

VI7 can be connected with several Access control systems  with an at no additional license cost  for Video Insight. This access control solution offers seamless integration with VI MonitorPlus, for enhanced unified functionality.

ROI (Region of Interest) Motion Searching

Smart Search – Region of Interest allows a user to quickly search hours of video in seconds by highlighting a region of interest and instantly seeing any events which occurred in that space.


The VI Web Client is one of our most popular clients, offering full-functionality of Video Insight software – at for no additional cost. It allows users to access live and recorded video from any server; perform quick searches; utilize mapping features; playback integrated with live control; load balancing; optional ActiveX control; Active Directory and LDAP authentication.


Centralized Server and Camera Management

Manage any server on your network through the easy to use left hand navigation tree. Create custom “Views” showcasing up to 36 cameras per layout from multiple servers. For easy layout management, Web Client users can connect to one server and gain access to another’s live and recorded videos.

Interactive Facility Map Icons

Manage your site geographically with Facility Maps. View live cameras by hovering a mouse cursor over any Camera Icon. Admit, Unlock, or Lock any door by simply clicking on its map icon. Door icons also shift colors in real-time based on their states. Create multi-level maps with Layer Map Icons, linking one facility map to another.

Graphical Timeline

Locate, Bookmark, and Clip recorded video through VI Web Client’s Graphical timeline. Preview recorded video by moving mouse cursor along the timeline. Place a Bookmark on any event of interest for later extraction. Authorize users can clip, and download video files containing an encrypted watermark.

Full Camera Configuration Support

Fully configure your existing cameras, or add new ones into your system. Change individual camera’s recording options such as frame rate and resolution. Even add maintenance notes or configuration reminders linked to a particular camera, all without installing software to do so.

IIS Load Balancing Support

In a multi-server deployment consisting of a large number of active users the VI Web Client fully supports IIS Load Balancing technology. Load Balancing promotes stability by monitoring your system for bandwidth spikes and then evenly distributing those spikes amongst your servers automatically.

Active Directory and LDAP Support

Import in blocks of users, as individuals or groups from your Active Directory or LDAP database. Set security credentials for users that flow across all viewing clients. Credentials can limit access to cameras, the ability to clip recorded video, or tie down certain camera functions such as the manipulation of PTZs.


Communication between the Web Client and users browser can be standard MJPEG or with the user of the Video Insight ActiveX control, can be in a secure, proprietary format. In addition, by installing an SSL certificate on the IIS, all data transmitted between the client and the server can be encrypted.

VIDEO INSIGHT MOBILE - Surveillance Anywhere

VI Mobile is a video management system app that allows authorized “on the go” users to access live and recorded video from any camera on any server. Users can view and control PTZ cameras, view full resolution and high frame rates with H.265. The app imports all settings from a single address providing users access to individual cameras or in groups of cameras with pre-defined layouts.

  • Connect once and view any camera on any server
  • View live H.265/H.264 streams from your cameras
  • View up to 16 cameras in Server-defined layouts
  • Automatically load Facility Maps
  • View Server Statistics
  • Grouped server mode
  • Rewind video from live view
  • Dynamic image sizing
  • Support for public and private IP addresses
  • Option to use unique login credentials

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