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About i-PRO Business Security Solutions

The freedom to feel secure

i-PRO Security is built on a heritage of providing evidential quality CCTV footage. Delivering the highest image quality in all environmental conditions using our highly reliable, advanced technology cameras and image recording systems.

Our continuously expanding range of security products contains a variety of intelligent features, many of which can be seamlessly integrated to create a complete, reliable, and cost-effective security system.

As a technology manufacturer with 60 years’ experience in security, we are committed to keeping society safe – and to helping people to live in a more secure and better world.



i-PRO Security Products

We currently provide a variety of products to cater for a wide range of applications; from a fully integrated security system to single items such as outdoor cameras. Thanks to our intelligent technologies, all of these can be effortlessly combined with an existing security system.

i-PRO delivers high quality video surveillance in all conditions, including:

High quality video surveillance

We manufacture a wide range of video surveillance products to ensure your business can be kept secure. The image quality of our security cameras ranges from standard definition through to crisp and clear True 4K (4096x2160 pixels) resolution. Our 4K Security Cameras have been designed to produce flawless images through a wide-angle lens and employ H.264 compression, recording ultra-high quality images at a fraction of the usual file size, to reduce operational costs.

Our cameras are also designed with the latest H.265 compression technology, where the addition of smart coding can dramatically reduce the bandwidth and storage cost even in outdoor and low light conditions.

To help save time trawling through catalogues, we’ve rationalised and selected our own Elite Range of products, to add value to customers and their operations. The cameras listed here go beyond traditional surveillance, not only to provide high quality footage, but cost-effective results to help save on the total cost of ownership of the security system.

Intelligent Technologies

Our intelligent technologies are smart, going way beyond pure surveillance. And all can be seamlessly integrated to create a complete, reliable, and cost-effective security system.