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Formerly disadvantaged housing association increases security - Denmark



As part of a major renovation, the housing association Korskærparken in Fredericia, Denmark, updated and optimised their video surveillance system, creating a greater sense of security for residents.

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Per Skau- Korskærparken Administrator

To increase the security of a disadvantaged housing association with a high crime rate, whilst also keeping costs to a minimum.
Solution (BusinessSolution)
The combination of i-PRO's Video Insight Platform, WV-S2531LN dome cameras and WV-1531LN cameras, resulted in Korskærparken being taken off the government's watch list.

Korskærparken, in Fredericia, is a formerly disadvantaged housing association, built in 1969 with 238 dwellings. In 2017, the housing association underwent a thorough renovation to create an attractive and safe residential environment with ‘cozy’ common areas. Previously on the government’s ‘ghetto list’, the security upgrade has contributed to Korskærparken being taken off the list.

“We had an older video system that didn't function optimally. When we needed a recording, the camera did not always work,” explains Per Skau, the administrator at Korskærparken.

“During the renovation, he had to choose between buying a completely new system or upgrading the old one.”

Recycling old equipment

Korskærparken considered various security options in collaboration with Scanview, a company that specialises in setting up and operating video surveillance. Together, they found a solution with i-PRO Video Insight, a software solution that can be used with Korskærparken’s already existing cameras, optimising cost savings. Additionally, new WV-S2531LN dome cameras and WV-1531LN cameras have been installed on account of their high image quality and the dome model is also resistant to vandalism.

Korskærparken already had an old video solution, but instead of a complete replacement, they wanted to reuse the existing servers. The old software was therefore replaced with the new i-PRO Video Insight software which is extremely compatible with all types of platforms. The new system was installed on seven-year-old servers replacing the old VMS System and achieving cost savings on hardware. Additionally, the Video Insight System uses a common database that enables the cameras to move between servers to avoid overloading the operating systems’ processors.

“Korskærparken has got a future-proof video solution with no additional costs for maintenance and updates of the software. There are some clear advantages of using i-PRO cameras, but it is great it is also possible to use and reuse the existing cameras,” says René Bøgeskov, Key Account Manager at Scanview.


Future-proof solutions

The solution was installed in October 2018 and so far, Korskærparken's administrator Per Skau is satisfied with the new solution.

“We can continue working with the cameras, changing them continuously and updating the software free of charge. With this solution, we are future-proof,” he says.

For Korskærparken's residents, the surveillance upgrade has meant a greater sense of security in everyday life.

For more information, please visit : https://i-pro.com/eu/en/surveillance