For details about the PC environment used for setting, refer to the camera's instruction manual.
This product can be used with cameras that support AI applications and SD Memory Cards.

・This product can be used with only one camera of an AI multi-sensor camera.

・This product can only be used in fixed positions on PTZ network cameras.

・For AI 360-degree fisheye cameras, this product can only be used in fisheye imaging modes.

For the combination of this product and other AI applications and restrictions, refer to the following.
Technical information and support videos
An SD Memory Card is essential for both learning and operation.
The use of an SD Memory Card for i-PRO devices is recommended.
This product has a data backup function on the SD Memory Card.
4.3.4 Maintenance screen
The recording of the camera on the SD Memory Card may be affected when the camera starts up or Learning images is collected or learned.
If the SD Memory Card is formatted while this product is in use, restart the camera.
This product notifies an alarm when the SD memory card cannot be accessed.
This is the specification for product learning.
Learning images
Up to 1,000 images can be saved.
Up to 3 can be saved.
How to save the learning images

・Manual save

・Auto save (10 to 200 images can be saved in 1 to 60 minute intervals)

Number of images that can be learned
2 to 200 images
Recommended conditoins of learning images
It is recommended to collect images with patterns that differ in how they are displayed under normal conditions, such as differences in lighting or exposure to light.
SD memory card space
The capacity of the SD memory card available on the camera body is reduced by the amount of data used on the product.
(Estimation of Data Size)

・About 100MB per Detector

・Per learning images: about 5 MB (for 4K resolution), about 1 MB (for Full HD resolution)

The actual remaining space can be checked from the SD memory card menu on the camera.
Estimate of the learning time
Depending on the number of learning images, the standard is as follows. (When the learning area is initialized)

・Learning 10 images : 3 minutes

・Learning 200 images : 10 minutes

This is the specification for the operation of this product.
Scene change detection
Detection frame rate
Detection area
Up to 16 areas can be set.
Detection time
Available from 2s to 15min
Detection conditions
You can choose whether to recognize learned status as normal or "after scene change".
Detection threshold
Thresholds to be judged as "after scene change" can be adjusted while viewing the demo screen.
Operation selection when switching between black and white
Alarm notification can be turned off or detector can be selected for black-and-white video.
Other settings

・It is possible to exclude person from scene change

・It is possible to stop alarm in low light conditions

Alarm notification
Corresponding protocols

・TCP alarm notification

・Stream-additional information

・HTTP notification

・MQTT transmission

Contents of Notification

・Alarm triggered area

・Detector number

・Alarm duration

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This product uses the following open source software.
Refer to "Open Source Software" for the corresponding license statement.
Software name
License Name
License Agreement
For Open Source Computer Vision Library (3-clause BSD License)
The IJG (Independent JPEG Group) License
The Modified (3-clause) BSD License
The zlib License
The MIT License
Transfer, copying, disassembly, decompilation, and reverse engineering of the software contained in this product are prohibited. In addition, any act of export that violates the export laws and regulations of all software included in this product is prohibited.
The purpose of this product is to obtain images for monitoring specific areas. This product alone is not intended to prevent crimes.
In no event shall we be liable for the following:
Any incidental, special or consequential damages or damages arising directly or indirectly in connection with the product
Any inconvenience, damage, or damage incurred due to the inability of an image to be displayed or recorded or the loss of recorded information due to any reason including failure of the product
Failure or inconvenience, damage, or damage caused by a system combined with a third party device
Claims or claims for damages caused by infringement of privacy by an individual or organization that has become the subject of a picture as a result of the use of surveillance images and records made public for some reason (including use with the User Authentication Off).
The stored information is lost for some reason (including when the Product is initialized due to forgetting the authentication information such as user name and password)
Check the issues from the following URL.
Technical information and support videos