The flow up to operation is as follows. This chapter describes ① and ②.(If you cannot select [AI Scene change detection] from [Extension software] on the setting screen, please do so in your browser.)
Install the product
2.1 Install the product
Start of operation
Download the product and install it on your camera according to the following procedure.
Access the download site and download [AI Scene change detection]
Refer to the following for the download site of this product.
Click here for downloads
Do not use spaces or double-byte characters in the name of the destination directory.
Click the iCT submenu [App. Installation Management]
Select the camera on which the application is installed and confirm that the product number and other information and device ID number are displayed.
Enter the following items on the setting screen.
Extension software: Select [AI Scene change detection]
[Saved Folder] : Specify the location of the extension software obtained in (1).
Click [Confirm]
A confirmation screen is displayed.
Check the following on the confirmation screen.
The target camera is selected.
Version of the application to register/update
Click [Start]
The progress screen is displayed.
Confirm the installation is completed successfully

・Do not turn off the camera during installation.

・Do not perform any operation during installation until the installation is completed.

・If the installation fails, check the errors in the message field.

・If the setting screen cannot be opened normally immediately after installation, please restart the camera.