6.Schedule setting

[Operation schedule] sets the operation date and time of the product.
[Extension software that sets the operation schedule.]
Select [AI Scene change detection].
[Operating day of week]
Set the operation for each day of the week. The day of the week for which [Off] is selected does not work.
Time table 1, Time table 2, [Off]
Default: Select Time table 1 for all Monday through Sunday.
[Time table]
Sets the operation time and operation details of the product. You can set up to 6 operating times for [Time table] and [Operation content]. You can set the operation time for the day of the week selected in [Operating day of week].
[Operation content]
Select the detection setting for operating the product.
[Off]: Disable the product.
[On]: Enable the product.
Sets the operation time for the items set in [On]. When [24h] is selected, it runs all day.
[Time table]
Operation 1: [On], [24h]
Operation 2 to 6: [Off]
Timetable 2
Operation 1 to 6: [Off]
If the camera [Operation schedule] is [Off], the camera setting window cannot be opened.