5Displaying the camera settings menu from the PC

The camera can be set in the Setup menu.

・Only users with [1. Administrator] access levels are allowed to access the Setup menus. For details on how to set the access level, refer to the following.
13.1 [User auth.] to configure user-authentication

Displays Live image pages.
2.3.1 View camera images
Displays the setting panel.
Click the [Detail setting] tabs.
Clicking [Advanced settings page] on the [Camera detailed setting] displays the Advanced menu.
For more information on this menu, please refer to the following.
5.3 Camera Advanced Menu Screen

①Menu button

②Configuration page

Click the menu button on the left side of the screen to display the setting page.
If the page consists of more than one tab, click on each tab.
Enter each item on the setting page.
Once the entry is complete, confirm the entry by clicking [Set].

・If there are several buttons in the [Set], [Register], and [Execute] pages, click the [Set], [Register], and [Execute] buttons for each item.

When you have finished setting the items in field A, click [Set] (A-1) below field A.
If you do not press the [Set] button (A-1) at the bottom of field A, the setting will not be confirmed.
As above, when you have finished setting the items in Box B, click [Set] (B-1) below Box B.
Compact camera, New X Fixed Cameras
PTZ camera
Multi-directional camera
[Setup] buttons
Indicates the setup menu.
[Live] buttons
Live image pages are displayed.
[Ext. software] buttons
You can manage the function extension software and set schedules. When the function extension software is installed, a link to the screen is displayed.
6 [Ext. software] for managing and scheduling advanced software
[Easy Setup] buttons
Displays the easy setting page. On the easy setting page, the event operation such as Internet disclosure setting, alarm setting and alarm linkage operation are set.
7 [Easy Setup] to use easy setting
[Basic] buttons
Displays the basic page. Basic pages set basic settings such as date and time, camera title, and information about the SD Memory Card.
8 [Basic] for basic setup of the machine
[Image/Audio] buttons
Video/audio pages are displayed. Image/Audio pages configure camera settings such as image quality and resolution for JPEG/H.265/H.264 images.
9 [Image/Audio] for setting images and sound files
[PTZ] buttons
Displays the PTZ page. On the PTZ page, settings are made for the home position and camera operations such as self-return.
10 Set PTZ
[Alarm] buttons
Alarm page is displayed. On the alarm page, the alarm operation and operation detection area are set, the disturbance detection area is set, the sound detection alarm is set, and the alarm notification is set.
12 [Alarm] to set the alarm
[User mng.] buttons
Displays the User Administration page. The User Management page is used to register authentication and configure data encryption to restrict users and PCs accessing the computer.
13 [User mng.] to set authentication
[Network] buttons
Displays the network page. The network pages configure the network settings for your computer and the settings for DDNS (Dynamic DNS), SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), FTP/SFTP, NTP servers, UPnP, HTTPS, Qos, SRTP, MQTT and LLDP.
14 Networking configuration [Network]
[Schedule] buttons
Schedule page is displayed. In the Schedule page, the schedule is set for operation detection permission, disturbance detection permission, sound detection permission, etc.
15 [Schedule] for scheduling
[Maintenance] buttons
Displays the maintenance page. On the Maintenance page, you can check the system log, upgrade the software version, check the status, and initialize the settings of the computer.
16 [Maintenance] to maintain the machine
[Support] buttons
The Support page is displayed. The support pages show how to display our support websites.
17 Viewing Our Support Website [Support]
[Camera title]
Displays the currently set camera title.
[Settings page]
Displays the page of each setting menu. Depending on the menu, some pages may have more than one tab. The lower part of the setting page is omitted.