To meet the many demands of the construction and engineering industries, i-PRO has developed a range of end-to-end solutions that support every operation of a business like yours. From on-site technology that improves access to information and the accuracy of work, to always-available communications that mean your teams stay connected wherever they are, the solutions we provide are specifically built-for-purpose and ready to perform whenever you need them.

Surveillance and security that protects people and assets

The safety of customers, staff and assets is an essential part of the risk management in many environments for utilities, engineering and construction companies. Whether you want to protect a plant, offices, construction sites or any other indoor or outdoor environment, indoor or outdoor, we can provide camera technology which helps you not only understand what happened, but also prevent damage or losses, thanks to built-in analytics features. With these analytic options, you receive alarm messages whenever unexpected images are detected, along with visual confirmation for greater intelligence. And you can do all of this on a single site, across multiple buildings or long distances, coordinating countermeasures through your control room.

i-PRO Network Camera's distinctive quality and flexibility effectively reduce the threat of harassment and violence. Surveillance cameras are commonly used to monitor and ensure appropriate operations, along with safety throughout the facility.

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AI software

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Technology/Common feature

H.265 AI Smart Coding for wireless transmission

Edge AI technology

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System Integration

For user-friendly video management


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