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i-PRO Edge AI Solution

The need for flexible and intelligent security infrastructure is in constant evolution as businesses are seeking the deployment of technology to make their operations secure and more efficient. The amount of CCTV data generated can simply not be handled by human capacities anymore, which is why we have to rely on technology and analyse security footage on an evidence base. Moreover, safety requirements are ever-evolving, so any solution has to be flexible and investments need to deliver a return when circumstances and demands are changing.

With the i-PRO network camera range with AI capabilities, we offer advanced technologies such as analysis technology and secure technology using deep learning, looking forward to the ease of artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT.

i-PRO Edge AI cameras

i-PRO Edge AI cameras take imaging to a whole new level by providing intelligent video analytics at the edge while maximizing network and bandwidth efficiencies.

These highly intelligent new cameras employ an advanced AI engine with edge analytics to detect suspicious changes in scenes, automatically adjust image settings of the scene being analyzed, and optimize video compression to conserve network bandwidth and server storage capacities.

Main Features

Edge AI based Object detection

With powerful Edge AI processor at the edge, i-PRO Edge AI camera can process advanced analytics by detecting and identifying face, human, Vehicle, and bicycles, and upgraded to advanced video surveillance solutions.

AI intelligent Auto

Automatically optimize the image depending on the environment, and the visibility of backlit human has been remarkably improved by edge AI based object detection.

AI Smart coding

i-PRO Edge AI camera detects people, cars and motorcycles and automatically adjust the image property.

Using Smart Coding Technology by edge AI processor, sufficient data capacity is assigned to important objects such as people or cars and those data are streamed and recorded in high quality while background objects such as walls and roads are assigned much less data or none reducing the total bit rate for streaming and recording.

White Paper

Edge AI applications

i-PRO provides various edge AI applications.

  • AI-VMD / AI counting
  • AI People / Vehicle / Face Detection
  • AI Sound Classification
  • AI Privacy Guard
  • Non-Mask Detection
  • AI Occupancy Detection
  • AI applications for 360-degree fisheye camera
  • AI Scene change detection
  • i-PRO Active Guard

AI-VMD / AI counting

AI-VMD can identify between objects. The cameras actively read the scene and uniquely differentiate between cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and people. Additionally, AI-VMD offers users intelligent functionality such as line-cross detection, scene-change detection, loitering detection and directional detection. Learn more...

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AI People / Vehicle / Face Detection

These analytics allow you to detect people, vehicles and faces, and it sends the metadata and best images to the server. They are compatible with i-PRO Active Guard, a search function that quickly finds people or vehicles through the video management software, Video Insight and Genetec.

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AI Sound Classification

AI sound classification allows you to detect suspicious sounds, such as gunshots, screaming, vehicle horns or glass breaking. 

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AI Privacy Guard

When deployed on i-PRO AI engine cameras, AI privacy guard protects the privacy of individuals within the scene by applying a mosaic over their face in real time. Learn more...

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Non-Mask Detection

Proprietary image processing and deep-learning technologies combine to create a unique application that allows any AI-engine-enabled i-PRO camera to recognize face masks and detect when a person is not wearing one via a pop-up alarm notification.

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AI Occupancy Detection

When deployed on an i-PRO AI engine camera, AI occupancy detection will be able to detect the crowd congestion and send the pop-up alarm notification.

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AI applications for 360-degree fisheye camera

AI applications are also available for 360-degree fisheye camera.

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AI Scene change detection

AI Scene Change Detection, industry‘s first AI application that performs on-site learning in the individual user’s installation environment, which can detect changes within the target scene based on the normal status that is defined and learned in advance. Learn more...

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i-PRO Active Guard

i-PRO Active Guard is a time-saving search software which will help you to find out a specific objects quickly based on the metadata information from i-PRO Edge AI cameras. Learn more...

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i-PRO Open platform

According to customer needs, applications developed by application partners can be added to the i-PRO Edge AI cameras.

This combination of AI intelligence with the open, flexible and adaptable cameras offers a new generation of predictive business and security applications that will help our customers become more proactive in their daily operations.

i-PRO Open Platform is a program where unique applications developed by application partners can be installed and used with our network cameras. With our cameras being open for third parties to develop their own ideas, it’s just the beginning of a new era of intelligent applications as technology partners can develop and distribute applications in an open environment, enabling customers to tailor security hardware to the specific needs of a business or community.

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