1.Unique features

This unit is a Dome surveillance cameras used outdoors.
The PTZ camera (hereinafter referred to as the "PTZ" part) is mounted in the center, and several Multi-directional cameras are mounted in the vicinity of the camera to adjust the tilt.
By configuring and coordinating the IP addresses of the multi part and PTZ part, the IP addresses of the multi part and PTZ part can be linked and controlled.
The AI function reduces the load on the entire system by identifying objects (people/vehicles) and analyzing images.
You can install up to six AI apps (four in the multi part and two in the PTZ part) freely.
The default IP address for each camera without a DHCP server.

・Only one LAN cable is needed for this camera.

・Some settings, such as IP addresses and administrator registrations, are required for both the multi part and PTZ part.