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i-PRO is pleased to announce the i-PRO Product Selector has been updated and the latest release is now available.

Product Selector (


[Updated Features]
1.  Product Selector/Accessory Selector
     1)    Changed to retain the filter conditions selected during selector page transitions.
     2)    A link to the global site has been set in the i-PRO logo and when clicked a separate tab is opened.
     3)    The name of the salt damage resistance function has been changed.
2.  Product Selector
     1)    The camera type names, and display order displayed in the filter pane have been unified to match the
            product site.
3.  Accessory Selector
     1)  All patterns of accessory sets that match the installation placement are now displayed.
     2)    When displaying the Accessory Selector after selecting a camera, a speech bubble is displayed on the
             installation placement selection button to prompt the user to select the installation location.