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WV-X65F1/WV-S25F1 supported i-PRO Network Cameras

Update in December, 2022:
Added new models

This article provides the list of i-PRO Network Cameras supported by the extension unit WV-X65F1/WV-S25F1.

WV-X65F1 - for outdoor PTZ dome type network cameras

The following outdoor cameras can be mounted with WV-X65F1(Natural silver)/ WV-X65F1-W(i-PRO white).

  A. Outdoor IR-PTZ 

  • WV-X6533LN (Fine silver)
  • WV-S6532LN (Fine silver)






  B. Outdoor PTZ 

  • WV-X6531N (Natural silver)
  • WV-X6511N (Natural silver)
  • WV-S6530N (Natural silver)
  • WV-S65340-Z4 (i-PRO white)
  • WV-S65340-Z4G (i-PRO white) Smoke
  • WV-S65340-Z4N (i-PRO white) ClearSight
  • WV-S65340-Z4N1 (Black) ClearSight
  • WV-S65340-Z2 (i-PRO white)
  • WV-S65340-Z2G (i-PRO white) Smoke
  • WV-S65340-Z2N (i-PRO white) ClearSight
  • WV-S65340-Z2N1 (Black) ClearSight



WV-S25F1 - for outdoor dome type network cameras

The following outdoor cameras can be mounted with WV-S25F1(Light gray).

  C-1. Outdoor DOME 

  • WV-S2531LN (Light gray) ClearSight
  • WV-S2511LN (Light gray) ClearSight
  • WV-X2571LN (i-PRO white) ClearSight
  • WV-X2551LN (i-PRO white) ClearSight
  • WV-S2570L (Light gray) 
  • WV-S2572L (i-PRO white) 
  • WV-S2552L (i-PRO white) 


  C-2. Outdoor DOME 

  • WV-S2536LTN (i-PRO white) ClearSight
  • WV-S2536LT (i-PRO white)
  • WV-S2536LN (i-PRO white) ClearSight
  • WV-S2536LGN (i-PRO white) Smoke, ClearSight
  • WV-S2536LG (i-PRO white) Smoke
  • WV-S2536L (i-PRO white) 
  • WV-S25700-V2LN1 (Black) ClearSight
  • WV-S25700-V2LN (i-PRO white) ClearSight
  • WV-S25700-V2LG (i-PRO white) Smoke 
  • WV-S25700-V2L (i-PRO white) 
  • WV-S25600-V2LN (i-PRO white) ClearSight
  • WV-S25600-V2LG (i-PRO white) Smoke 
  • WV-S25600-V2L (i-PRO white) 
  • WV-S25500-V3LN1 (Black) ClearSight
  • WV-S25500-V3LN (i-PRO white) ClearSight
  • WV-S25500-V3LG (i-PRO white) Smoke 
  • WV-S25500-V3L (i-PRO white) 
  • WV-S25500-F6L (i-PRO white) 
  • WV-S25500-F3L (i-PRO white) 


  D. 360-degree fisheye

  • WV-X4571L (Light gray) 
  • WV-S4550L (Light gray) 
  • WV-X4573L (i-PRO white) 
  • WV-S4551L (i-PRO white) 
  • WV-S4576L (i-PRO white) 
  • WV-S4556L (i-PRO white) 


  E. 8M Outdoor DOME

  • WV-SFV781L (Light gray) ClearSight