Unified Digital Evidence


That Locks Down Your Chain of Custody with Integrity

Our Unified Digital Evidence (UDE) system puts compliance and evidence documentation on autopilot. Preset policies to trigger camera recording, authorize permissions to view and edit files, and programmed file archival — our powerful UDE system turns your policies into operating rules to automatically enforce compliance.


Key Benefits

Stay in Control of Your Evidence

All video and audio data can be stored on premises, in the cloud or in any combination of both knowing you own all the data regardless of where it resides.

Capture the Complete Picture

Unlock every second of video and audio captured by our body-worn cameras and in-car video systems, with GPS data, vehicle speed, g-forces and even motion data from officers wearing body-worn cameras.

Secure, Encrypted Files

All files are encrypted and hashed, so your evidence stays secure from capture to court to archiving.

Tamper-Evident System

The software maintains all original files entered into the system. Every redaction and edit happens on a separate, tracked file, so you document changes and authenticate evidence integrity.

Track Every Open, Share and Save

Log the chain of custody automatically, so you’re always ready to comply with audits and produce documentation.

100% Backward Compatible

Works with existing i-PRO Camera systems, so it can be upgraded to more efficient, more secure workflows without investing in new hardware.

Set Policies and Automate Compliance


Manage All Your Cameras Using One Dashboard

UDE lets you specify the trigger points for i-PRO body-worn and in-vehicle camera recording.

Change Policies On Demand

Need to change recording triggers from 60 mph to 70? Change it once and your entire fleet will comply.

Control Access and Editing Privileges

Use the roles you already have in Microsoft® Active Directory to limit permissions, define management roles and prevent unauthorized access.

Automate Retention

Set your storage and archiving policies and the system carries them out automatically. You can create custom rules for specific file types and define where files reside and how long they stay online before being archived.

Web-Based Evidence Management

Stable, Secure and Scalable

Enables web-based evidence management and file sharing, sophisticated reporting, and anywhere access that runs on Microsoft Azure™ Government Cloud.

Accessible From Anywhere

Anywhere you have a signal, you can search, play-back files and share evidence.

View Body-Worn Camera Footage On Your Phone

Our Android app lets officers in the field view videos captured by our body-worn cameras using their smartphone.

Work Smarter and Faster

Each incident lives in a single, time-synched file structure, so you can review evidence without having to search through multiple pieces of data or manually establish a timeline.

Batch Process Time-Consuming Tasks

Dramatically reduce the time required to blur license plates, obscure bystanders’ faces and output redacted video footage automatically.

Save Time with Secure File Sharing

Sharing evidence with prosecutors, attorneys and the court is as easy as sending an email. Recipients can access files via the web with an audit trail to track and document each login and viewing.

Audit Every Detail

Every bit of data and metadata provides an irrefutable catalog of what, when and where an event took place. GPS data, motion analysis, who has viewed footage and made edits together produces a detailed account of events that goes far beyond the audio and video captured on camera.

Insight from the Field and the Office

Run detailed reports on everything from average vehicle speeds to the time spent preparing evidence for trial.