2.Connect to the camera

Cameras or recorders on the same network can be automatically detected and set up in the network.
Refer to the following for details on the IP Setting Software.
Click here for more information on the IP Setting Software
Launch a IP Setting Software
The model number and MAC address of the detected camera are displayed.
The default for [Network Settings] is [DHCP].

・If you cannot obtain an IP address from the DHCP server, set the IP address to

Double-click on the camera's IP address
The browser starts and the administrator registration screen is displayed.
Double-click the IP address. You need to register as an administrator.
Enter administrator username and password
The screen for setting the language and date and time is displayed.
Set the language, date and time, and screen
You can set the language and date and time and change the background color of the screen and the layout of the operation panel.
Press [Set]
Live image pages is displayed.
Camera title
SD Storage Status Display
Stream information display
Snapshot button
Stream selection display button
Before/after image comparison switching button
Support button
Full Screen View button
Grid view button
Camera control panel display button
Setup buttons
Select Streams-[Live only] pull-down menu
Select Streams-[Refresh Rate] pull-down menu
Select Stream-Display Stream Information
Main area
Camera Control Panel-SD Memory Card-[Log/Play]
Alarm notification
Camera Control Panel-SD Memory Card-[Rec. on SD]
Camera Control Panel-[Mic input volume (Camera to PC)]
Camera Control Panel-[Brightness]