4.Clean up

・Turn off the power before starting operation. Doing so may result in injury.

・Do not apply or use organic solvents such as benzene and thinner. The enclosure may become discolored. Follow the precautionary statement when using chemical foil.

・Do not loosen or remove the screws not specified in the operation manual.

・Clean with lens cleaning paper (for cleaning cameras and eyeglasses).

・Alcohols should be used when solvents are used. Do not use glass cleaners or thinners.

If the Dome covers are dirty, clean them with lens-cleaning paper (for cleaning cameras and eyeglasses). If dust or dirt adheres to the cover, the Dome cover may be damaged. If it is dirty, it is recommended to wash with water.
Clean the Dome cover with a cleaning paper, etc., since stain on the inside of the cover and the Dome cover may affect the infrared reflections.