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Product Warranty After Repainting

Purchased i-PRO Products

About Repainting

Repainting means that the customer paints the product purchased from i-PRO according to the instructions recommended by i-PRO.
Click here for Repainting Instruction


Warranty for Repainting Products

i-PRO’s warranty is applicable to the product repainted by the customer if it is an i-PRO-approved model, and it is repainted according to the instructions recommended by i-PRO. Note that terms and conditions in i-PRO warranty may partially be changed.
Repainting must be done by the customer according to the instructions recommended by i-PRO.
i-PRO is not liable for any failure or accident of the product caused by repainting.
i-PRO does not guarantee that the product parts repainted by the customer will comply with the RoHS Directive or any other environmental laws and regulations.


Replacement of Products Repainted by Customer 

If i-PRO’s Repair Support Warranty applies, i-PRO will deliver repaired or replacement products or substitutes in their original state and shall comply with Manufacturing standards.


Possibility of Performance Deterioration Due to Repainting

  • i-PRO assumes no responsibility for any loss of product performance due to repainting.
  • As repainting adds weight to the product, its operation speed and acceleration may be affected.
  • As darker repainting absorbs more sunlight, the temperature specifications of the product may degrade.
  • Increased friction on product joints may increase the load and affect the product lifetime.
  • Paints used for repainting must be compatible with plastics and die casting and non-damaging to them.
  • Do not repaint the nameplate with the part number and serial number.
  • Do not repaint the dome cover and lens. Only the exterior of the product can be repainted.
  • Repainting may change the structural tolerance of the product.
  • i-PRO has the right to decide if the i-PRO warranty applies to the product whose performance degradation was caused by repainting.


List of Products Approved for Repainting

Bullet cameras

WV-S1536L  WV-S1536L-B WV-S1536LN WV-S1536LN-B WV-S1536LTN
WV-S15500-F3L WV-S15500-F6L WV-S15500-V3L WV-S15500-V3LN WV-S15500-V3LN1
WV-S15600-V2L WV-S15600-V2LN WV-S15700-V2L  WV-S15700-V2LN WV-S1536LT
WV-S1536LNS WV-S15700-V2LK  WV-S15500-V3LK WV-S1536LA WV-S1536LNA
WV-X15700-V2LN WV-X15700-V2L WV-X15600-V2LN WV-X15600-V2L WV-X15300-V3LN
WV-X15300-V3L WV-U1532LA WV-U1542LA WV-X15500-V3L WV-X15500-V3LN


Dome cameras

WV-S2136  WV-S2136-B WV-S2136G WV-S2136G-B WV-S2136L
WV-S2136L-B WV-S2136LG WV-S2136LG-B WV-S2236L  WV-S22500-V3L
WV-S22500-V3LG WV-S22500-V3L1 WV-S22600-V2L WV-S22600-V2LG WV-S22700-V2L
WV-S22700-V2LG WV-S22700-V2L1    WV-S22500-F3L WV-S22500-F6L WV-S2236L-B
WV-S2236LG  WV-S2236LG-B WV-S2536L  WV-S2536LN WV-S2536LTN
WV-S25500-V3L WV-S25500-V3LN WV-S25500-V3LG  WV-S25500-V3LN1  WV-S25600-V2L
WV-S25600-V2LN  WV-S25600-V2LG WV-S25700-V2L  WV-S25700-V2LN  WV-S25700-V2LG 
WV-S25700-V2LN1 WV-S25500-F3L   WV-S25500-F6L WV-S2536LG WV-S2536LGN
WV-S2536LT WV-U21300-V2L WV-S2136A WV-S2136LA WV-S2136LGA
WV-S2136A-B WV-S2136GA WV-S2136GA-B WV-S2136LA-B WV-S2136LGA-B
WV-S2236LA WV-S2236LA-B WV-S2236LGA WV-S2236LGA-B WV-S2536LA
WV-U2130LA WV-U2140LA WV-U21300-V2L WV-U2132LA WV-U2142LA
WV-U2542LA WV-U2532LA WV-U2540LA WV-U2530LA WV-X22600-V2L
WV-X22300-V3L WV-X22700-V2L WV-X25600-V2LN WV-X25300-V3LN WV-X25700-V2LN
WV-X22500-V3L WV-X25500-V3LN      


Compact dome cameras

WV-S3111L WV-S3131L WV-S3511L   WV-S3531L WV-S3512LM
WV-S3532LM WV-S32302-F2L WV-S32302-F2LG WV-S32302-F2L1 WV-S35302-F2L
WV-S35302-F2LG WV-S35302-F2L1 WV-X35302-F2L WV-X35302-F2LM WV-X35402-F2LM
WV-X35402-F2L WV-S35402-F2L WV-S35402-F2LG WV-S35402-F2L1 WV-S32402-F2L
WV-S32402-F2LG WV-S32402-F2L1 WV-U35401-F2L WV-U35401-F2LG WV-U31401-F2L
WV-U31401-F2LG WV-U35301-F2L WV-U35301-F2LG WV-U31301-F2L WV-U31301-F2LG


360-degree fisheye cameras

WV-S4556L WV-S4576L WV-S4556LM WV-S4576LM WV-S4556LA
WV-S4556LMA WV-S4576LA WV-S4576LMA WV-S4176 WV-S4156
WV-S4156A WV-S4176A      


PTZ cameras

WV-S6530N WV-X6511N WV-X6531N  WV-X6531NS WV-S6530NS
WV-S65340-Z2G WV-S65340-Z2K WV-S65340-Z2N WV-S65340-Z4G WV-S65340-Z4K
WV-S65340-Z4N WV-U65301-Z1 WV-U65301-Z1G WV-U65302-Z2 WV-U65302-Z2G
WV-S65301-Z1 WV-S65301-Z1G WV-S65302-Z2  WV-S65302-Z2G WV-U65300-ZY
WV-U65300-ZYG WV-S65300-ZY WV-S65300-ZYG WV-S65340-Z2 WV-S65340-Z2N1
WV-S65340-Z4 WV-S65340-Z4N1  WV-S65301-Z1-1 WV-S65301-Z1S WV-S65302-Z2-1 
WV-S65501-Z1 WV-S65501-Z1G WV-S66700-Z3L WV-S66600-Z3L WV-S66300-Z4L
WV-S66300-Z3L WV-S66700-Z3 WV-S66600-Z3 WV-S66300-Z4 WV-S66300-Z3
WV-X66700-Z3LS WV-X66600-Z3LS WV-X66300-Z4LS WV-X66300-Z3LS WV-X66700-Z3S
WV-X66600-Z3S WV-X66300-Z4S WV-X66300-Z3S    


Multi-directional cameras

WV-S8543 WV-S8543G WV-S8543L WV-S8543LG WV-S8544
WV-S8544G WV-S8544L WV-S8544LG WV-S8563L WV-S8563LG 
WV-S8564L WV-S8564LG WV-S8573L WV-S8573LG   WV-S8574L
WV-S8574LG  WV-S85702-F3L WV-S85402-V2L WV-S85702-F3L1 WV-S85402-V2L1
WV-U85402-V2L WV-U85402-V2L1 WV-X86530-Z2 WV-X86531-Z2 WV-X86530-Z2-1


Repainting of Non-Listed Products

Repainting a product not listed on “List of Products Approved for Repainting” will void i-PRO product warranty.