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AI Privacy Guard (WV-XAE201W) i-PRO

AI applications

To protect privacy and portrait rights, it is possible to automatically apply a mosaic the entire face and figure of a person photographed by the camera.

Privacy Guard target Face, Human, Except face, Except human, All
* "Except face, Except human, All" are available in the firmware of cameras released in February 2024 or later.
Stream Stream(1), Stream(2), Stream(3), Stream(4), Stream(2)&(4)
Masking method Blurring, Filling


Data Sheet

A&E Spec Sheet


User Manual/Operating Instruction



AI Privacy Guard (WV-XAE201W) [Type1]

AI Privacy Guard (WV-XAE201W) [Type1]

Version 1.80

[Important notice]
1. Refer to Installation conditions for applications on i-PRO Network Camera with AI Engine for the below information:
- The ROM size and RAM size WV-XAE201W uses 
- The memory capacity each camera holds for extension software

2. Upgrade camera firmware to the latest version, and then install or update this extension software.

Release Note


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