Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring is a cloud service for P2P functions which allows the PC and mobile APP full access to the multiple NVRs.


  • Allows the PC and mobile APP full access the multiple NU series / NX series NVRs.
  • Wherever you are as you can receive alarms on your smart phones.
  • Eliminates the configuration of port forward setting on your router.

Models supported by Remote Monitoring; WJ-NX310*/NX410*/NX510*/WJ-NU101*/NU201*/NU300*/NU301*

Key Features

1. Integrated management of up to 1000 cameras per user

2. Alarms from the cameras and recorders are displayed in your smartphones.

3. Remote checking of communication status, Restart and Firmware Update of the recorder


Operating Instruction

i-PRO Mobile APP