By: Bill Brennan, President, Panasonic i-PRO

Panasonic Public Safety became i-PRO Public Safety in October 2019 with the core mission of improving law enforcement operations with innovative imaging, evidence management products and system solutions. The year that followed our launch was extremely challenging for families and communities, local economies and law enforcement agencies across the country.

As a provider of mission-critical technologies for professional applications, it is our responsibility to help our customers and the industries we serve overcome challenges. To that end, we strive to deliver comprehensive and intelligent system solutions that provide law enforcement professionals with the tools they need to protect themselves and the communities they serve every day.

As we move into 2021, Panasonic i-PRO Public Safety will continue to support law enforcement agencies’ efforts to protect communities, so they can recover and prosper once again. We are introducing several significant innovations that build on our imaging and evidence management solutions with higher levels of intelligence, capabilities and performance. Examples include our new body-worn camera with a 12-hour field-swappable battery, new unified evidence management solutions, new in-vehicle camera systems and enhanced identity redaction software. These new solutions transcend traditional law enforcement applications to deliver critical data that helps agencies further improve daily operations with data-driven business intelligence.

As we continue to collectively recover from the challenges of 2020, the outlook for 2021 is bright. Communities across the country continue to revitalize, and law enforcement agencies will continue to play a significant role in maintaining their safety and security. i-PRO’s comprehensive solutions support law enforcement in these efforts.