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Comprehensive Video
Solutions for Law Enforcement


i-PRO Americas Inc. delivers comprehensive integrated video solutions specifically engineered for law enforcement applications with the extreme image quality, processing power and functionality to create and manage an irrefutable chain of custody. From evidence capture to file management and identity redaction, we have it all covered.

Superior Imaging Technologies

Our body-worn cameras and in-car video systems set the benchmark for superior imaging performance with 12-hour field swappable batteries, 1080p HD resolution and the extreme durability law enforcement professionals need in the field.


Powerful Evidence Management Software

i-PRO software ensure compliance and air-tight evidence, with the highest levels of integrity, data security and versatility. Whether in the Cloud or on-premise, our evidence management platforms provide the information you need, when you need it.


Intelligent Analytics

i-PRO Americas Inc. is leading the development of new and innovative analytics specifically designed for law enforcement applications. Our Video Redaction AI-Assisted Software saves time, effort, and expenses while ensuring individuals privacy.