Cities and municipalities across the country are facing new and emerging challenges unlike any other period in recent times. In addition to the most obvious disrupter – the 2020 pandemic – local governments face a myriad of issues affecting both the public and private sectors. These challenges include, but are not limited to, public security and health safety, law enforcement, emergency response, traffic monitoring and control, and general code compliance enforcement. To effect real change in each of these areas moving forward, public officials need to implement new and creative solutions that they can leverage with respect to multiple applications as well as available budget.

In most instances, cities and municipalities have traditionally implemented a series of one-off specialized solutions to address their most pressing issues and priorities. These disparate solutions, as good as they may have seemed at the time, may now further exacerbate longstanding and emerging challenges due to obsolescence from both performance and integration perspectives. In some instances, legacy systems can be salvaged with software updates to some degree, but they are often built on proprietary platforms preventing them from integrating with more advanced open architecture system solutions. As a result, “fixing” these systems typically results in applying a temporary band-aid rather than a long-term solution.

All of these issues present numerous challenges for city and municipality officials on several levels – including the discovery and evaluation of new, pertinent solutions that address specific problems and long-term objectives from trusted and reliable sources.  This was the impetus for us to launch our i-PRO Secure Cities program.

Designed with the explicit objective of providing cities and municipalities a holistic solution, the i-PRO Secure Cities program encompasses a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class surveillance and security technologies supported by a highly experienced team of engineering, sales and support personnel who understand the demands and challenges municipalities face today.

The i-PRO Secure Cities program seamlessly integrates all of our industry leading video surveillance and access control management platforms, advanced analytics, and law enforcement technologies. This allows us to address the numerous security, health safety and operations challenges that cities of all sizes face today with the expected levels of performance, reliability, cost-efficiency and personal privacy local government officials and taxpayers demand.

Understanding that every city and municipality has specific needs, challenges and budget limitations, the i-PRO Secure Cities program offers many entry points to achieving an end-to-end open platform solution that is customizable, scalable and easy to use. Equally important, the i-PRO Secure Cities programs holistic solutions promises to deliver tangible ROI and low TCO that reinforce economic accountability and demonstrate best practices for taxpayers and constituents.

As a technology one-stop-shop for cities and municipalities, the i-PRO Secure Cities program eliminates the need to search for the best solution provider on an application-by-application basis. This requires more than best-in-class technology and products; it requires a true partnership – from preparing a detailed assessment and analysis to identifying and specifying the integrated system solution that best meets highly defined criteria. Of equal importance is the dedicated support of experienced security professionals and systems integration partners with the proven expertise and track record to make it all happen.

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