Key Benefits

  • High resolution data to perform detailed checks for detecting problems
  • Monitor without blind spots and record problems that occur
  • Manage people entering and exiting warehouse by video (in addition to entry and exit system that uses cards)
  • Monitor in low-light environments such as when lights are turned off at night
  • Multi-site monitoring with a network
  • Product lineup for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Camera recognizes occurrence of problems and notifies the administrator
  • One-stop solutions including cameras, recorders, and management software
  • Provide people/forklifts flow line and heat map information to assist in making efficient placement decisions

Recommended Products


For loading dock

Multi-directional + PTZ

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For warehouse corridor

Dual-sensor camera

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AI software

Vaxtor LPR for
vehicle management

Vaxtor LPR / MMC

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System Integration

For user-friendly video management


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