Protect the public, maintain privacy, and help better manage citywide operations

To serve the public effectively, you need technology that serves you appropriately, without fail. i-PRO’s specialist solutions for governmental organizations are designed to support the many different functions and activities you carry out, ensuring better communication, greater engagement and more efficiency in everything you do.

Surveillance solutions for the public sector

i-PRO’s video surveillance imaging technology increases situational awareness of events as they unfold, improves response time during emergencies, and documents evidence that aids in the arrest, investigation and prosecution of criminals. With end-to-end system solutions designed for any platform, i-PRO offers edge AI-based video surveillance solutions to meet virtually every performance and budgetary requirement.

Recommended Products


For parking lot

Multi-directional + PTZ

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For parking lot / hall

Multi-sensor camera

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For hallway / Stairways

Dual-sensor camera

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AI software

For quick search
& response

i-PRO Active Guard

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For License Plate

Vaxtor LPR / MMC

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For Intrusion Detection


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For object detection

AI Scene change detection

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System Integration

For user-friendly video management


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