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McAninch Construction - USA


McAninch Construction
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The McAninch Corporation began in 1967 when Dwayne McAninch built his first farm pond with a D7 dozer. Since then, the company has grown into a larger, more streamlined operation that specializes in both large-scale mobilization of equipment for mass grading work as well as a variety of smaller projects. The first phase are the outdoor cameras for perimeter surveillance. There will be approximately 10 plus more indoor cameras if I win the first phase. This is a small project now but as the integrator proposes and installs the first phase they should win more business from McAninch Construction.



The project goal is to replace and add more cameras to the exterior of the building to view Parking lots and Walk ways. They also want the guards to view truck entering the truck entrance 1105 ft. (337 M) away. They need to read the license plate. With our system design we are able to accomplish all the requirements and the customer is extremally satisfied. This is a new Integrator and end-user to i-PRO. They both will continue doing business with i-PRO.