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Safe City Camera System - Slovakia


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Image sharpness is excellent.
In recordings, face and vehicle licence-plate recognition is possible even at long distances. To view recordings, large 75'' displays are used, which show every detail not only during the day but also on recordings made at night.

Mgr. Silvester Nitry, CCC coordinator, ARC in Nitra


Nitra is the oldest city in Slovakia and has a rich history. It is the fifth largest city by population in the country, and, with two local universities, is full of students.

Security of inhabitants and visitors is overseen by the Nitra municipal police. Its work is much more efficient with the camera system installed in the city. The cameras used in Nitra are supplied by i-PRO. With these cameras, the municipal police can monitor key locations and junctions, which the cameras capture with high-resolution detail. The advantage of these cameras is that practically no maintenance is required and they can be in continuous operation in challenging urban environments.

Project for Security

Development of the camera system in Nitra is a long-term project. Its full compatibility, allowing the gradual addition of units, is a great advantage of the i-PRO camera system. The first camera in Nitra was installed as early as 2001. After a year of trial operation, the number of locations subject to camera surveillance started to increase rapidly - up to the 49 cameras monitoring Nitra today. Year by year the system has been expanded. The majority of cameras are installed in the historical centre, but other city districts are under surveillance as well."Cameras are located at busy places with a lot of people and motor vehicles," explains Silvester Nitry, the coordinator of the city camera system. With cameras, municipal police officers can have a much better overview of what is happening in the city.

Cameras monitor the area from above so they are able to cover much more than any police patrol could. That is not to say that cameras will replace the watchful eyes of police officers, who help to ensure the safety and security of citizens," Nitry adds. Several types of cameras are used by the municipal police. Most of them are rotating and monitor major junctions and city squares. Rotating cameras are supported by several static ones. Cameras are used to help investigate offences and traffic accidents. "We cooperate with the traffic police very often. Camera recordings are also used by the state police to investigate crimes. They have asked us for help in as many as hundreds of cases, Nitry says.

Important details

Quality and resolution are key factors for the work of the municipal police. The most recent cameras installed in Nitra are the i-PRO WV-X6531, providing full HD video and up to 40x optical zoom. "Image sharpness is excellent. In recordings, face or vehicle licence plate recognition is possible even from long distances, if necessary. To view recordings, large 75'' displays are used, which show every detail not only during the day but also on recordings made at night,"Nitry explains. Last but not least, the sharpness of the image is attractive for operators, who monitor camera images for several hours every day. So eye strain is significantly reduced.

Reliability and quality

Smooth operation and low maintenance are advantages of the installed cameras, saving the city money. Nanotechnology has been used to treat the camera lens to repel water and dust. So they do not need to be cleaned even in the challenging city environment of busy junctions. Although the cameras are operated 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, their operation is virtually seamless.

At present, 49 cameras help Nitra to be a pleasant and safe city. However, the camera system development project is not over and further extension is planned.


10 x WV-CW594 analogue speed dome cameras
2 x WV-SW395 IP speed dome cameras featuring HD resolution and 30x optical zoom
8 x WV-SW397 IP speed dome cameras featuring HD resolution and 40x optical zoom
10 x WV-X6511 IP speed dome cameras featuring HD resolution and 40x optical zoom
12 x WV-X6531 Full HD IP speed dome cameras featuring 40x optical zoom
3 x static WV-SPW532 Full HD cameras
2 x keyboards with WV-CU950 joystick
4 x WV-ASM300 client and setup, analogue and IP camera setup and view
3 x WJ-NV300 recorders
2 x WJ-NX300 recorders
3 x WJ-HD716 analogue recorders
3 x 75"displays