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Installation method for WV-QCL100-W / WV-QCL101-W (Ceiling mount bracket)


WV-QCL100-W(QCL101-W) is used to attach indoor dome cameras or PTZ cameras to a high ceiling using a locally procured pipe. 
Basically, 2 pcs of WV-QCL100-W(QCL101-W) (one on the ceiling and the other on the camera) are needed for installation, but you can also install your camera using 1 pc of  WV-QCL100-W(QCL101-W) in combination with a locally procured bracket. Refer to the following "1. Installation example" and "2. Points to note" when installing.

1. Installation example

Sample images of camera installation to the ceiling using a pipe or bracket procured locally.

#1 Use 2 pcs of  WV-QCL100-W(QCL101-W) for installation


#2 Use 1 pc of WV-QCL100-W(WV-QCL101-W) and 1 pc of locally procured bracket for installation






2. Points to note

    Locally procured bracket

  • Refer to the following fixing screw specifications for connecting to WV-QCL100-W(WV-QCL101-W).
    40A R 1-1/2, 11crest, length 30mm{1-3/16 inches} or more (male taper pipe thread)
    NPT 1-1/2, 11.5crest, length 30mm{1-3/16 inches} or more (male taper pipe thread)
  • Depending on the screw thread of the pipe procured locally, the fixing position varies as the position where the screw meshes with WV-QCL100-W (QCL101-W) varies.

    Safety wire

  • When using a WV-QCL100-W(WV-QCL101-W) connected to a locally procured bracket, use a safety wire to connect from WV-QCL100-W(WV-QCL101-W) to the ceiling for fall prevention.
  • The illustration below is an example of making a safety wire. When making a safety wire following this illustration, prepare a safety wire fixing bracket to fix the snap hook to the ceiling.


Precautions for installation

■ Mounting method for this product
WV-QCL100-W and WV-QCL101-W are designed for the pendant mount of a camera. If the product is mounted on a desktop or at a slant, the camera may not work correctly, and its lifetime may be shortened.

■ Make sure you follow the below specifications for the connecting parts of locally procured bracket.
   Recommended pipe:
    ø48.6 mm {1-29/32 inches}
     t = 3.5 mm {1/8 inches}
   Material: Stainless Steel
   Maximum permissible length: 1.5m {59-1/16 inches}