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i-PRO Americas Inc.

Security and Public Safety Solutions

Contract # Texas DIR-CPO-4697

Valid through – 2/24/2023 (with optional renewal years)

Description of Product and Services Awarded:
i-PRO Americas Inc.


Acting by, and through, the Department of Information Resources (DIR), the State of Texas has established a contract with i-PRO Americas Inc. (i-PRO) to provide the full line of i-PRO Branded Manufacturer Hardware, Software and Related Services to include; Arbitrator 360 HD (In-Car Video & Body Worn Camera) and Security Surveillance products to the state government of Texas. Under this contract, i-PRO will provide professional services and warranty services for the products purchased by the State of Texas.

Overview of Texas DIR Program: Click Here

Texas DIR-CPO-4697 Contract Documentation: Click Here


Awarded Products and Services:

Designated Authorized Resellers: Click Here

Current Price List (Discount percentage (%) off MSRP):

Pricing for contract Texas DIR-CPO-4697 offers the following discounts:

  • Security Cameras – 25% off MSRP
  • Security Camera Accessories – 25% off MSRP
  • Security Camera Software & Services – 2% off MSRP
  • Arbitrator In-Car Video – 11% off MSRP
  • Arbitrator Body Worn Camera – 11% off MSRP
  • Arbitrator Software & Services – 2% off MSRP

Instructions for Obtaining Quotes and Placing Purchase Orders:

Texas DIR-CPO-4697 must be referenced on all quotes and purchase orders. Reseller will provide the quote to the customer. Purchase orders are made out to the authorized reseller. Customer payments for Purchase Orders are to be made directly to the authorized reseller.

Warranty Policies:

i-PRO Americas Inc. (“i-PRO”) will, at its sole option, repair or exchange this product with a new or a comparable refurbished product, free of charge, in the USA from the date of original purchase in the event of a defect in materials or workmanship.