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OEM Camera


OEM Micro Camera Recording Solution

  • Supports GP-KH232CB, GP-US932CBSX & GP-UH532CB (enables 2K recording only)
  • Trigger input and footswitch connector
  • USB PIN connector
  • RJ45 (streaming & web access)

The OEM Micro Camera Recording Model GP-RC100CB is an option unit for the GP-US932, GP-UH532 and the GP-KH232 series

OEM Micro Camera Recording Solution GP-RC100CB

The OEM Micro Camera Recording Solution GP-RC100 is an option unit for the OEM micro camera & GP-UH532CB (enables 2K recording only), GP-US932 and GP-KH232 series. This series enables SMPT encoding and digital video to H.264 and still picture in JPEG.

The GP-RC100 provides the opportunity to record the live picture directly to a USB device or access them from a PC via IP network. Ease of operation for this recording solution is provided through a direct connection to the OEM micro camera solutions GP-US932, GP-KH232 & GP-UH532CB (enables 2K recording only).

This connection contains the capability to communicate to the micro camera over the GP-RC100. Additionally, full HD signals can be encoded and recorded in more than 24 Mbps to USB device or via network.

Functions Capture Full HD Video signal from Panasonic CCU board (KH232/US932) and encode with H.264/JPEG compression. Encoded video is recorded to USB stick or transferred to IP network via Ethernet IF.
Clock Realtime Clock IC equipped, Back up with Litium Battery
Video Codec H.264 (MPEG4 AVC) up to level 4.1
Video Encoding/Recording 1080p/60 24Mbps
Streaming RTSP stream
CCU Connection Direct connection to GP-US932 / GP-KH232
FPGA Convert YUV 422 to LVDS
Output USB USB 2.0
Output RJ45 YES
Outline Printed Circuit Board
Pararell I/O for Switch Input USB Media mount/unmount, Start Recording, Stop Recording, Foot Switches x3
Pararell I/O for LED Light Control USB media mount, Recording Status (REC / PLAY / Firmware update / Error), LINK, ACT
Serial Communication User’s CPU to REC & NW Board: 8pin Connector, +3.3V level UART

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