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Core technologies

See what you have been missing.

With a history of over 60 years of technological innovation and pursuit of quality, powerful edge devices, and advanced video technology, i⁻PRO achieves thorough "visualization" of information that was previously impossible to grasp.

In the medical field, for over 30 years we have developed and supplied camera modules to manufacturers of rigid endoscopes and surgical microscopes, contributing to the development of cutting-edge medical care.


i-PRO CORE TECHNOLOGY is included in a variety of cameras.

Precision is our expertise – capturing real-life imaging, allowing you to see colors clearly and beyond.

A camera that replaces human eyes has become more and more important in the medical and industrial fields. Smaller and lighter cameras with higher resolution and better dynamic range performance are required more than ever. Technologies such as an innovative spectral method, pixel shift and precision bonding that i-PRO own have been corresponded to those market demands.

Furthermore, there is an increasing need for visualization of things that cannot be seen by the human eyes. Cameras that capture NIR light (Near Infrared Light) other than visible light have so much potential to solve various problems by identifying objects that cannot be seen by the visible light alone.

Prism Spectroscopy and High-Resolution Technology

  • Ultra-fine, multi-chip, pixel shift method
  • High-color reproduction, high resolution and high sensitivity


Spectroscopy Technology

  • Patented 4MOS basic structure
  • Simultaneous shooting of visible light and NIR light
  • Support various outputs


High-precision Bonding Technology

  • Submicron-ordered precision bonding technology maintains accuracy of 1μm or less even after autoclave sterilization.


High Heat Resistance Reliability

  • Even after conducting a thermal shock test for 1,000 cycles, the adhesive position doesn’t shifted, thus the resolution doesn’t shit either


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