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Six core technologies

Our Technology


Be confident that you can see

Transforming "Visible" into Absolutely "Visible"

A camera that replaces human eyes has become more and more important in the medical and industrial fields. Smaller and lighter cameras with higher resolution and better dynamic range performance are required more than ever. Technologies such as an innovative spectral method, pixel shift and precision bonding that i-PRO own have been corresponded to those market demands. Furthermore, there is an increasing need for visualization of things that cannot be seen by the human eyes. Cameras that capture NIR light (Near Infrared Light) other than visible light have so much potential to solve various problems by identifying objects that cannot be seen by the visible light alone.

Prism Spectral Technology and Higher Resolution Technology


The ultra-fine three-chip pixel shift method achieves higher color reproduction, resolution, and sensitivity with a larger pixel size than the ones with the single-chip method.

High precision bonding technology



The adhesion specification in the process requires an accuracy of 1 μm or less. Even after autoclave sterilization, submicron-ordered precision bonding technology is maintained.

IR Application and Wavelength Spectral Technology

4MOS basic structure, which enables simultaneous shooting of visible light and IR light with one camera and supports various outputs has already been patented in Japan, the United States, and Europe.

Heat resistant technology


Even after conducting a thermal shock test for 1,000 cycles, the adhesive position wasn’t shifted, and the resolution wasn’t deteriorated, either. High heat resistance has been confirmed.

Small size camera head



Utilizing our camera head design technology and ultra-compact-high-density-mounting technology which overwhelm other companies', we develop camera heads that are "used" in various fields.

Chip on Tip Ultra small camera technology


We have achieved high resolution and high quality ultra small endoscope camera modules with our unique lenses and technology. Our super resolution technology enables to output the image equivalent to high-definition quality.