4K4MOS Module

4MOS ULTRA High Definition Camera Head Module with NIR Sensitivity in a Compact Size

Purpose: Medical surgery and Industrial inspection camera module with NIR application

Overall description: This product supports 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), which provides four times the resolution of Full HD, and a horizontal resolution of 1600 TV lines.

It also has a dedicated NIR sensor which can make simultaneous VIS/NIR image output (60fps). With our special optical/mechanical design, the unit boasts a compact size even with (4) CMOS sensors.

  • 1/3″ type 4 CMOS
  • HHR
  • NIR sensitivity
  • Compact size


GP-UH832H Camera Head Module

GP-UH832H Camera Head Module

GP-UH832CU Camera Control Unit

GP-UH832JU Option Kit