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Canterbury Woods Retirement Community - USA


Canterbury Woods Retirement Community
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Not enough cameras to cover entire facility / Unreliable analog video / Significant investment required to upgrade to an enterprise video management system
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LINSTAR security integrator / ADVIDIA cameras and encoders / Video Insight Video Management System

Nestled in the heart of Williamsville, NY, just outside of Buffalo, there’s a private and peaceful retirement community situated on 62 picturesque acres called Canterbury Woods. The Continuing Care Retirement Community boasts a gorgeous landscape with nature trails that wind through the ample grounds of perfectly manicured gardens and around the peaceful pond for its retired residents and their visiting family members. On its grounds, Canterbury Woods has 203 apartments and 40 independent-living patio homes along with several accommodations such as a fitness center with an indoor pool and spa, wellness center and health clinic, game and recreation rooms, a library and more.

One of the top priorities for Canterbury Woods property management is to maintain the safety and security of their residents and visitors not only in their main facility, but throughout the grounds. With several acres to survey, Canterbury Woods needed to invest in new hardware and upgrade the current analog cameras and security system.


• Not enough cameras to cover entire facility
• Unreliable analog video
• Significant investment required to upgrade to an enterprise video management system

Property management could not properly maintain awareness across the expansive grounds with only 16 cameras at building entrances. To ensure the safety of the residents and staff members, Canterbury Woods needed to expand its infrastructure and update the current analog system to IP, as well as replace legacy DVRs with an enterprise video management system that could be centralized. In addition to a centralized deployment, the facility director wanted to leverage mobile devices and enable security personnel and senior officials to cover a larger area of the facility and respond to incidents faster.

“Providing coverage to such a large community was no easy task. We knew that the success of this project depended on two key components:
1. Finding a local integrator that would help us identify problem areas and implement an efficient plan, handle installation, and provide recommendations.
2. Selecting a video management solution that was easy-to-manage, scalable and cost-effective,” said David O’Brien, Facilities Director for Canterbury Woods.

LINSTAR security integrator recommended Video Insight and ADVIDIA cameras. They would handle the installation as well as the support and maintenance of Canterbury Woods’ new security system.

For years LINSTAR has successfully completed projects in New York state and surrounding areas and has used Video Insight to provide an end-to-end enterprise solution to its clients.

“We recommended Video Insight and ADVIDIA because it met all the requirements of the project. Combining ADVIDIA cameras and Video Insight provided Canterbury Woods with an enterprise security system that was cost effective, easy-to-use, and scalable,” said Molly Schrock, LINSTAR Senior Account Manager.

“We choose ADVIDIA security cameras because it represented a significant savings to Canterbury Woods. Going with ADVIDIA cameras meant that the customer did not need to worry about the purchase of VMS licenses for the new IP cameras, but could take advantage of the enterprise features that SOLUTION provided (video wall, mobile apps for Apple/Android, and health monitor). In addition to the cameras, ADVIDIA encoders provided similar value and an easy path to connect the existing analog camera to a network in order to be managed by the Video Insight VMS,” said Schrock.

Canterbury Woods has made an aggressive commitment and effort to ensure video coverage across its entire facility by providing over 100 additional security cameras and upgrading to Video Insight enterprise video management system.
The next phase of the Canterbury Woods Community project will include 60+ ADVIDIA cameras increasing the coverage to over 170 cameras.