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AI Non-mask Detection (WV-XAE203W) i-PRO

AI Non-Mask Detection

Just install software on the camera to enable the AI non-mask detection function to send notifications to external systems (network disk recorder or Video Insight VMS) when a person without a mask is detected.

  • Compatible with color masks, pattern (geometric) masks, and various mask shapes
  • Can be used by installing the application on the network camera with AI engine


User Manual/Operating Instruction



AI Non-Mask Detection (WV-XAE203W) [Type1]

AI Non-Mask Detection (WV-XAE203W) [Type1]

Version 1.80

[Important notice]

1. Refer to Installation conditions for applications on i-PRO Network Camera with AI Engine for the below information:
- the ROM size and RAM size WV-XAE203W uses 
- The memory capacity each camera holds for extension software

2. The following cameras need to be upgraded to V1.30 or later for use with WV-XAE203W:
WV-X1551LN, WV-X2551LN, WV-X2251L, WV-X1571LN, WV-X2571LN, and WV-X2271L

3. The following cameras need to be upgraded to V1.11 or later for use with WV-XAE203W:
WV-S1136, WV-S2136L, WV-S2236L, and WV-S2136

Release Note


Technical Document