System Controller


New Ethernet System Controller(WV-CU980) with superior operability and comfort

Even a small monitoring room with limited space can easily manage a complex surveillance system.



Concept & key point

" Accurate and intuitive camera control at your fingertips "

The New System Controller reduces user fatigue through an ergonomic design that simultaneously improves quality of work while providing better overall system management.


New Ethernet System Controller : WV-CU980




User-friendly design

The user-friendly design reduces operational strain during prolonged use.

3D joystick

The Ethernet System Controller's detachable 3D joystick can change the pan & tilt direction of a camera, while the calibration of the lever’s position controls the camera’s pan & tilt zoom functions, making tracking seamless.


Compact body

With its separated joystick and new compact main body design,
the new Ethernet System Controller WV-CU980 is perfect in areas where space is limited.



Compatibility with VMS

Provide improved efficiency and intuitive operational controls to any compatible VMS platform.  
*Support schedule of connecting with VMS is TBD.




- Main Unit: 237(W)  x 45(H)  x 173(D)  mm
- Joystick Unit: 113(W) x 121(H) x 206(D) mm
- Weight (without the AC adaptor):  Main : 0.84 kg   Joystick : 0.64 kg
- Power Source: DC 12 V 250 mA, Apporox 3W
- Ethernet Port: 10Base-T/100Base-TX,RJ45 connector 
- Support Protocol: IPv4:TCP/IP
- Operating Temperature: 0 °C to +50 °C (32°F to +122°F)

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