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i-PRO Network Camera with AI Engine

What is Network Camera with AI Engine?

AI-based high precision analysis helps surveillance operations and crime prevention operations more efficiently, that operations previously required manpower.

Three Afunctions

1. High precision detection & identification

Built-in AI engine in a camera to detect and identify face, human, vehicles and two-wheel motorcycles / bicycles in high precision to upgrade to advanced video surveillance solutions.

Detect & identify objects in scene


Enables to detect and identify important objects under various environments


At raindrops

New i-PRO 5MP WV-X2551L  With ClearSight coating dome cover.

Under 0 lux Lighting environment with IR LED light

2. Optimal image quality setting

Improving visibility of  monitoring objects by optimizing image quality utilizing AI intelligent Auto feature.

3. Optimizing video compression

Utilizing AI smart coding to optimize video compression to conserve network bandwidth and server storage capacities.


It reduces bit rate by controlling the image quality of still areas, moving areas, and faces with AI engine.

Edge AI applications


AI-VMD can identify between objects. The cameras actively read the scene and uniquely differentiate between cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and people. Additionally, AI-VMD offers users intelligent functionality such as line-cross detection, scene-change detection, loitering detection and directional detection.

AI People/Vehicle/Face Detection

These analytics allow you to detect people, vehicles and faces, and it sends the metadata and best images to the server. They are compatible with i-PRO Active Guard, a search function that quickly finds people or vehicles through the video management software, Video Insight and Genetec.

AI Sound Classification

AI sound classification allows you to detect suspicious sounds, such as gunshots, screaming, vehicle horns or glass breaking. *External microphone is required

AI Privacy Guard

When deployed on i-PRO AI engine cameras, AI privacy guard protects the privacy of individuals within the scene by applying a mosaic over their face in real time.

Non-Mask Detection

Proprietary image processing and deep-learning technologies combine to create a unique application that allows any AI-engine-enabled i-PRO camera to recognize face masks and detect when a person is not wearing one via a pop-up alarm notification.

AI Occupancy Detection

When deployed on an i-PRO AI engine camera, AI occupancy detection will be able to detect the crowd congestion and send the pop-up alarm notification.