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WV-ASM300 screen display issue on Windows 10 version 1903

Last update: October, 2019 

Windows 10 version 1903 may not display some setting screens of WV-ASM300 correctly. As the cause of issue was found to be a bug in the first version of .NET Framework 4.8 provided by Microsoft, this occurs on any PC with .NET Framework 4.8 installed, regardless of the Operating System (OS) version.


1. Applicable screens of WV-ASM300

[Setup]-[Device setup]-[Initial setup]-[Step1 Device detection]
[Setup]-[Device setup]-[Advanced setup]-[Step1 Device detection]
[Setup]-[Device setup]-[Advanced setup]-[Step3 Recording setup]
[Setup]-[Device setup]-[Device setup]


2. Phenomenon

The display at combo boxes become abnormal as follows by scrolling the list displayed on the applicable screen repeatedly.
Note: This abnormality is just a display only, and it is possible to select setting values from the combo boxes by mouse click normally.

  • The contents of the combo box become blank.
  • Red frames appear on the combo boxes / The message "Value" could not converted appears in red.


3. Countermeasure

The issue will be solved by updating the .NET Framework to version 4.8.x to the latest version from Windows Update.