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Information on switching images between color and black/white

Last update: July, 2018

Depending on the environment, switching the camera image between color and black/white (b/w) may not work as desired.
In that case, you can change the color image and b/w image by specifying the time using the schedule function as below.

Applicable models

 i-PRO EXTREME series (except for WV-S2130/S2110/S4150/X4171)

Setting example

Switch to black and white image at 6 p.m. and color image at 7 a.m.

Note: This document shows the setting screen of WV-S2131L as an example. For other models, refer to the operating instructions.

1. Open the "Image quality" tab on the "Image/Audio" page, and click the "Setup" button of [Image adjust]


2. Select "On (IR Light Off)" or "On (IR Light On)"  for [Day & Night(IR)], and enter the [Scene file title] for "Scene file 1"  (You can set any name.)
    Then, click the "Register" button.


3. Select "Off" for [Day & Night(IR)] and "Scene file is not applied" for [Scene file] as follows.


4. Go to the [Schedule] page, and register the time range for "Day & Night ON".
e.g., In the following sample screen, black and white will be enabled from 18:00(6p.m.) to 7:00a.m., and other than that period is set to "Scene file is not applied"

This completes the setting.