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Frequently Asked Questions on coaxial LAN converters

Applicable models: WJ-PC200, WJ-PR201, WJ-PR204

The camera side adaptor (or center side adaptor) of an old product has failed.  Can it be replaced with a new product?

Replace both the camera side and receiver side adaptors at the same time. Do not replace only one of them.

When using a 4-channel receiver, is it possible to mix cameras powered by PoE and those that use an external power supply while limiting the total power consumption to 40 W or less?

Yes, it is possible.
The total power consumption of PoE cameras must be 40 W or less. 

When using a 4-channel receiver, is it possible to extend the length of the coaxial cable if the number of cameras is reduced?

When a 4-channel receiver (PR204) is used, the maximum allowable length of the coaxial cable is 500 m irrespective of the number of cameras.

Is IP communication using a device (such as a PC) other than network cameras possible?

A hub connection is possible if it is assumed that WJ-PR201 and WJPC200 are used and that network cameras are connected.
However, the following conditions must be satisfied
 ・ The number of cameras that can be connected to the hub must be four or less.
 ・ The network bandwidth between the hub connected to the camera side unit and that connected to the receiver side unit must be set to 20 Mbps or less.
 ・ 4K cameras and 9M all-around cameras cannot be connected.
 ・ Model number of a tested and verified hub: M8esPWR (Manufactured by Panasonic Eco Solutions Networks Co.,Ltd.)
Use of cameras and a hub in other combinations than above may cause packet loss or other failures.

Can coaxial cables other than RG-6/U be used?

We recommend using RG-6/U. The 5C-FB cable can also be used as it is equivalent to RG-6/U despite differences in some frequency characteristics.
Other coaxial cables cannot satisfy the performance requirements such as transmission distance. Therefore, we do not guarantee the performance when other cables are used.
(When 3C-2V is used, the allowable transmission distance is reduced to approximately one-third that of RG-6/U.)

Can the PoE incompatible cable be connected in the middle of the LAN cable?

Connect it to WJ-PC200.

How should I connect devices when using the network camera microphone (WV-SMR10N3)?

Use WJ-PR201 and WJ-PC200, and connect a hub to WJ-PC200.
9M all-around cameras cannot be used.
Both PoE and external power can be used as a power supply.