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About coaxial cables


This article provides the information of recommended coaxial cable.
Make sure that no other devices are connected to the coaxial cable.

Recommended coaxial cable: RG-6/U

  • Insulation resistance: 1 MΩ or more at 500 VDC
    *A maximum of 60 VDC is applied to the coaxial cable.
  • Loop resistance: 20 Ω or less (at 500m)
    To stably supply power to the camera side unit, the loop resistance must be 20 Ω or less at length 500 m (4 Ω/100 m).



LAN cables used to connect network cameras compliant with PoE standards:

100 Ω balanced as defined by ISO/IEC11801-2002.
 (IEEE802.3af Annex 33B)
*If the resistance of the LAN cable between the camera side unit and a PoE network camera is larger, voltage drops and operation becomes unstable.
 When using flat-type LAN cables, pay careful attention to the drop in voltage as failures caused by it have been reported.


When connecting the coaxial cable to the unit, make sure that no other devices are connected to the coaxial cable.
If other devices (such as CCTV cameras) are connected, a failure can be caused.