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i-PRO Active Guard Plug-in for WV-ASM300​​ Activation Procedure

Activate this product following the procedure below.

How to obtain the Registration Key ---> Go to STEP1
How to install i-PRO Active Guard Plug-in ---> Go to STEP2
How to activate this product  ---> Go to STEP3

STEP 1. Obtain the Registration Key

1. Start Operation Software of WV-ASM300 and login as administrator.
 Open [Setting] ->[Registration of license] and confirm [MPR ID].


2. Access the Key Management System at the following URL for PC and login. 
   Key Management System may not be accessible during server maintenance.
   Please create your User ID and password, if it is the first time to access this system.
   Please login as a temporary user using following User ID and password written on the web page.


3. Click the [Issue Registration Key] button.


4. Select [Management Software -ASM series-] and click the [Next step] button.


5. Enter "MPR ID" and "Installation Site Information", and then click the [Next step] button.


6. Enter the following Activation Key No and Registration ID, and then click the [End of enter(Go to next step)] button.
   [Activation Key No.]: 0936-0065-0022-0208
   [Registration ID]: B6B0-EACC


7. Confirm your entry and click the [Issue] button.   Registration Key will be issued on the screen and sent to your e-mail address.
   • You cannot issue a new "Registration Key" from the same "Activation Key No." once you issued "Registration Key".
   • Depending on the configuration of your machine, e-mail may not be able to be viewed correctly.
   • If you have any questions, please refer to FAQ on the web site or contact us.
   • We recommend keeping "License Key" for future support.

STEP 2. Install i-PRO Active Guard Plug-in software 

1. Click here to download i-PRO Active Guard Plug-in software for WV-ASM300.
2. Execute "EnablePlugin.exe" included in the downloaded file.
3. Start Operation Software of WV-ASM300 and login as administrator.
4. Open the setting window and select [Additional application registration].
    Click [Ref.] and select “MultiAIPlugin.plg” in the downloaded file, and then click [install].


5. Follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the installation.

STEP 3. Activate this product 

1. Select [Registration of license] and click [Add].


2. Input the [Registration Key] obtained in STEP1 and click [Input saving].


3. Click the [Registration] button after confirming the information of the entered "Registration Key".
4. Click the [OK] button. To cancel registration, click the [Cancel] button.

    • [Registration Key] is valid only on the PC on which the MPR ID entered in the key management system is displayed. Cannot be used on other PCs.
    • It is impossible to deactivate the "Registration Key" once registered. Confirm that registration is correct.
    • When the [OK] button is clicked, this software will be automatically restarted.


Click here to download manuals.