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WV-ASV100W Series Software Activation Procedure

Please check your WV-ASV100 software version first.
If you have already installed them and they are the latest ones, STEP 1 can be skipped.

According to below conditions, please follow the procedure

Software installation (WV-ASV100) ---> Go to STEP1
"Registration Key" issue (WV-ASV100) ---> Go to STEP2
Product activation ---> Go to STEP3


STEP 1. Software installation

Please check your WV-ASV100 software version first.
If you have already installed them and they are the latest ones, STEP 1 can be skipped.

1.Please download the latest software of WV-ASV100 (zip file) from the following download site.
     Download WV-ASV100 software
2.Please copy the downloaded zip file to the PC you want to install.
3.Please install WV-ASV100 software.
 * Please refer WV-ASV100_installation guide for more detail.
     Click here for Help file

STEP 2. "Registration Key" issue

"Activation Key No.","Registration ID" and "MPR ID" will be required to issue "Registration Key".

"Activation Key No." and "Registration ID".

1. Please prepare "Activation Key No." and "Registration ID" written on this Activation Key Card.


2. Please prepare "MPR ID" displayed on Key Registration Tool.

  Please execute “WV-ASV100 ConfigurationTool” on the Desktop and select “License Management” tab.




Please access and login to the following URL "Key Management System" from your PC or Mobile Phone.

 For PC :
For mobile :
https://kms-business.i-pro.com/ipkms/m-key/ ("Registration Key issue only")
[ Important ]
* Key Management System may not be used from some mobile phones.
* Key Management System may not be able to be accessed during server maintenance.
Please create your User ID and password, if it is the first time to access this system.
Please login as a temporary user using following User ID and password written on the web page.

Please register required information and create your account.



Please issue "Registration Key" from "Key Management System". 

1. Please login using your User ID and password.
 Click [Issue Registration Key] button.


2. Please select the red frame part from the menu and click [Next step] button.


  • For WV-ASV100W
        Obtain one “Registration Key” for both 1x PC and 4x Channels by one MPR ID described on the “Activation Key Card”


3. Please input your "MPR ID" ,"Installation Site Information" and click [Next step] button.


4. Please input "Activation Key No." and "Registration ID." Click [End of enter(Go to next step)] button.


5. Please click the [Issue] button.
    Then "Registration Key" will be issued on the screen and sent to your e-mail address.

[ Important ]

  • Please make sure the combination of "Activation Key No." and "MAC Address" is correct when obtaining "License Key".
       Because once you issued "Registration Key", you cannot issue new one from the same "Activation Key No."


  • Depending on the configuration of your machine, e-mail may not be able to be viewed correctly.
  • If you have any questions, please refer to FAQ on the web site or contact us.
  • We recommend keeping "License Key" together with this card for future support.


STEP 3. Product activation 

Please activate the product using "Registration Key" issued at STEP2.

1. Enter Registration Key in the registration key field. Then, click the [Add] button.
2. Click the [Registration] button.
3. Confirm that "Activated" is displayed in "Status" of the license.
4. Restart ASV100 server.


5. Enter the "Registration Key" in the "Entry of Registration Key" field and Click the [Add] button.


6. Click the [Registration] button after checking the information of the entered "Registration Key".


7. Click the [Yes] button. To cancel registration, click the [No] button.
    It is impossible to deactivate the "Registration Key" once registered.
    Confirm that registration is correct.