Our Product Security Efforts


Our Motto:

“Customer safety and security is paramount. We are proactively improving product security and are quick to address critical vulnerabilities.”

Our Process:

Continuous upgrades to our products, systems and services are implemented throughout our products’ life cycles and released as needed through our product webpage. Upgrades are done using our four-step process.

1. Product Development

We use ISO internationally recognized standards for quality product development to ensure our products meet or exceed the requirements of our customers.  Our products are subject to third-party testing and static/dynamic code analysis.

2. Open Reporting

When a product issue is reported, we will access the vulnerability, develop a solution and release a software or firmware patch through our webpage.

3. Vulnerability Testing

Although we know it is impossible to develop a product with no vulnerabilities, we do our best to make sure that our products are thoroughly tested before we release them to the market. For our hardware, this means thousands of hours of rigorous testing to make sure our cameras meet specifications. For our software and firmware, we have an expert team that analyzes the code for vulnerabilities prior to release. This includes a third-party analysis of the code and static/dynamic testing of our software and firmware.

4. Post-sales Support

Buying a product from us is just the beginning of our relationship. If there are vulnerabilities or issues found in the code of our devices, then we will repeat the above steps to remediate the vulnerability and release updated software.