This manual explains how to install the Extension software AI Processing Relay (hereinafter referred to as "this product") on the cameras and the settings required prior to starting operation. Since this product is intended to be installed and used with a camera, please be sure to read the instruction manual of your camera as well. In addition, some of the screens shown in this manual may differ from the screens shown depending on your camera model and the version of "i-PRO Configuration Tool" (hereinafter referred to as "iCT") or "i-PRO Active Guard".
This product is software for more convenient use of AI network cameras (sold separately). This product can perform AI processing on video from cameras that do not have AI functions by installing this product on the camera, configuring the camera to work with this product, and configuring extension software.
This product is guaranteed to work with the WV-S71300-F3. The recommended camera to be linked to this product is a camera manufactured by i-PRO. If the linked camera supports MJPEG data (stream) transmission via HTTP or HTTPS, this product can receive MJPEG and perform AI processing. AI processing is handled by the extension software installed in the WV-S71300-F3. These extension software are required separately. This product can be used in combination with the following extension software:
AI-VMD (AI Video Motion Detection)
AI People detection
AI Vehicle detection
AI Occupancy Detection
The extension software outputs the Onvif Event Stream and Best Shot as AI processing results. i-PRO Active Guard is required to operate this product.
- One other camera can be connected to one WV-S71300-F3 with this product installed.
This product can receive MJPEG data from other cameras, perform AI processing with AI Extension Software, and perform alarm reception and image search with i-PRO Active Guard. This product can be used when you want to add an AI function to a camera already installed.
This product receives MJPEG data from the linked camera and processes AI by extention software installed in the WV-S71300-F3. Installation conditions of the linked cameras, such as angle of view, are in accordance with the installation conditions of each application. AI detection performance depends on the image quality of the linked camera. Please confirm operation with the actual camera before use.
This product must be used with the latest firmware for WV-S71300-F3.
The WV-S71300-F3 with this product installed cannot perform AI processing on its own video using the extension software.
One WV-S71300-F3 with this product installed is required for one camera. 2 or more cameras cannot be connected to this product simultaneously.
Up to two extension software can be installed on WV-S71300-F3 in addition to this product.
A command to acquire MJPEG data from the linked camera is required. The resolution and frame rate that can be processed by this product are 1920x1080@5fps or 1280x720@5fps.
When this product is installed on WV-S71300-F3, the processing of extension software installed on WV-S71300-F3 may stop until this product is properly configured. Once the settings of this product are completed and MJPEG data is received from the linked camera, extension software will operate correctly.
If this product is uninstalled, restart WV-S71300-F3. Extension software installed on WV-S71300-F3 will not work properly.